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The majority of the undergraduate students saved for vacations, trips with

friends and for purchase of clothing items such as watches, fancy clothes

etc. this group of respondents constituted 38.8% of the total respondents.

A very few number of respondents saved funds for future needs such

higher education, home and retirement. These group of respondent were

majorly master students and students who have just started working.


A project report on saving & Investment Patterns of Youth 

submitted by Mr SHAHABAZ KHAN a student of BBA in Amity

University shows that youth’s need to learn techniques for early-age savings.

The Study also suggested that their should be curriculum in the course for student to

learn financial planing


What should be done ?


The Indian economy is the world’s seventh-largest economy by nominal GDP

and has achieved 6-7% average GDP growth annually. Youths constitute the

maximum percentage of population in the country and they are the backbone of

the nation and they are the one who is going to shape the future of the country.

Therefore it is important on the part of government to come up with some

policies or lucrative option for youths where they can invest their money

without any fear and strengthen the financial position of youths of the nation.

Until and unless youths are financially independent, it becomes very difficult

for them to contribute to the society. So youths should always think of 10 year

ahead and start working accordingly. Planning for own future is like giving a

hands-up to oneself. Understanding the benefit of saving and investing and

spending money wisely should be the need of each and every individual and

not want. These things can be promoted by using media where the presence of

youth is more active, i.e. Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

There should be a compulsory course of “Personal financial planning” to the

students of all the fields and should encourage them to start saving from early

stage of their life. Promoting young investor on various social media can

influence other youths to start investing. Youths need to get aware of the their

excess expenditure and should try to eliminate such expenditure.

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