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 UPA Didn’t Let Nitish Kumar Work: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, addressing his first rally said if Bihar’s Nitish Kumar government were not allowed to work fast during 10 years of UPA govt in center .

He also “If Bihar had not acted fast, the pandemic would have killed many, many more. It would have been unimaginable mayhem. But today Bihar, having battled Covid, is now celebrating the festival of democracy,”

He also attacked the opposition Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD), saying before the Nitish Kumar-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA), Bihar had suffered crime and corruption.

Congress parliamentarian Rahul Gandhi is also set to hit the ground for the three-phase elections which begin next Wednesday. He will address two rallies at Hisua in Nawada and Kahalgaon in Bhagalpur district.

Bihar will vote in three phases on October 28, November 3 and 7 for a new government and the results will be announced on November 10.

When I as Gujarat Chief Minister and Nitish Ji attended UPA’s central meetings, Nitish Ji always told them – don’t stall Bihar’s development. But for 10 years, those who were defeated in Bihar were angry, they influenced the Centre and ensured Nitish ji cannot work. They wasted Bihar’s 10 years: PM Modi.

PM at Bihar rally says NDA government abrogated Article 370. These people say they will bring it back if they come to power. After saying this they dare to ask for votes from Bihar. Is this not an insult of Bihar? The state which sends its sons and daughters to the borders to protect the country: PM Modi

The people who once ruled Bihar are again looking at the developing state with their greedy eyes. But, Bihar must not forget who pushed them backward, that was the time when there was worsening law and order situation and corruption in the state: PM Modi


Voters of Bihar have taken a resolve that they won’t let those who have a history of making the state ‘Bimaru’ come near them: PM Narendra Modi at Biada Maidan in Sasaram.


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