Companies are consulting astrologers before giving jobs

Divya Vigyan Astrology


Companies in Gurugram are now relying on the advice of astrologers for the recruitment of their employees. It may sound strange, but many of the city's company have started keeping astrologers in their HR team. Astrologers calculated the planetary constellations by matching the applicant’s horoscope and the company's horoscope and try to find who will be beneficial for the company after recruitment?

Millennium city Gurugram is a hub of multinational IT companies and large industries, Job seekers across pan India including some from abroad are coming to millennium city for the job prospective.  A new trend has been started in the city in the hiring process, in the application form for the job, now the date of birth is also being asked with birth time, so that the applicant's horoscope can be checked.

“Ashok Sharma, owner of Ayushy Papers Limited, Manesar told that, "So far, we used to consult astrologer for starting a new work, but now even before hiring someone, we are checking his horoscope. The company wants to keep someone on the post, who will be appropriate for the company's future.”  Ashok said that more than 20 appointments have been done so far and its results are excellent.

Srinivas Nagar, MD of Bhagwati Chemicals says that after calculating the horoscope, we have done more than 15 recruitments so far and its results are very good. 

This new trend has been first started by Astrologer, Palmist and Vaastu shashtri Mr. Vivek Jain, Founder of Divya Vigyan .He is widely known as ‘New India ka New Astrologer’ for his flawless vision and innovative ideas. Vivek  jain says many companies are contacting him, the numbers are increasing largely now days. He also told that Owners as well as big head of the companies are matching company’s horoscope with candidate’s horoscope before hiring. Vivek  jain  is still working as consultant for more than 15 companies. Many companies have also kept astrologer permanently, who see these works in the company