India to explore nuclear energy in Moon

Delhi (Science): One of the foremost space agency in the world, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has set itself an ambitious target to reach the south side of the moon in search of nuclear energy. ISRO wants to study the potential for mining a source of waste-free nuclear energy from this part of the moon and it could fetch trillions of dollars to India in return. 

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Mindkraft 2018 Annual National Level Techno-Management Fiesta by Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences

Mindkraft-2018, the annual National Level Techno-Management Fiesta, organized by Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences was inaugurated on March 15th  by Chief guest, Prof. P.B Sunil Kumar, Director of IIT Palakkad.

The Chief Guest Prof. P.B Sunil Kumar advised the budding engineers of Karunya to stay connected, to have an open mind and to be sensitive to the issues plaguing the society.  These issues are the ones that will serve as problem statements for research and innovation.  Every invention and discovery has resulted because of the inquisitiveness of mankind to understand the universe around him.  Stephen Hawking said, “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change”.  It is necessary that students strive to inculcate adaptability in them.   He also encouraged the students to be concerned not only about their own kith and kin but also to be thoughtful about the society at large.  He insisted that students should exhibit total dedication in everything they do.  He emphasized on the fact that more than earning a degree, the outcome of the knowledge gained is important.

The session was presided over by Dr. P. Mannar Jawahar, Vice Chancellor. Dr.Ridling Margaret Waller, Pro Vice Chancellor delivered the welcome address.  The  Mindkraft souvenir was released by the Chief guest during the inaugural ceremony.

The event would continue for the next 2 days and would showcase inspiring and creative ideas brought out by students of engineering, arts and sciences. This year Mindkraft has received registrations of about 1000 students from 75 institutions from Tamilnadu and neighbouring states.

The 11th magnificent rendition of Mindkraft features more than 55 technical events, 26 workshops with active industrial collaborations, and an interactive technical talk with experts from various walks of life.  The lighting and decorations have kindled the curiosity of students throughout the event, while the food stalls and games have been a constant source of food and entertainment.  The drone racing competition attracted the students very much.

The first day of Mindkraft has ended on a positive, enriching and productive note, while a plethora of nerve wrecking and nail biting events are still lined up in the upcoming days.

Students and Institutions could still utilize this opportunity and experience the technical extravaganza.
Mr. Kunwer Sachdev Exlaining About IOT Technology In Su Kam Power Solutions To Ambassador Of Bolivia H. E. Mr. Sergio Dario Arispe Barrientos

Bolivia Ambassador H. E. Mr. Sergio Dario Arispe Barrientos lauds superior technologies of Su-Kam

Bolivia’s Ambassador to India H. E. Mr. Sergio Dario Arispe Barrientos visited the headquarters of Su-Kam and lauded the state –of- the- art technology offered by Su-Kam. The visit was a part of his plan to explore Indian companies that have potential to manufacture lithium-ion batteries and thus augment trade relations with India.

Bolivia ambassador Mr. Barrientos accompanied by Mr. Juan Jose, Councillor, Embassy of Bolivia, even visited Su-Kam’s Research and Development wing and the factory at Gurugram. He met Su-Kam Managing Director Mr. Kunwer Sachdev and the discussion between them centered on the potential of bilateral trade between Bolivia and India. There were also talks about the possibility of Su-Kam imparting training to manpower of Bolivia in the solar and power electronics segment. The delegates saw a big scope for using Su-Kam’s technology in the power sector. Su-Kam is also mulling over exporting their products to Bolivia and customizing them as per the country’s requirement.

Regarding the future of India-Bolivia ties, Bolivia ambassador Mr. Barrientos said: “We are the future of the world. We are both really young countries; our future lies with each other. The sooner we realize this, the sooner we will work together. We will start selling and buying in each other’s markets. We see the future of humanity in countries such as yours. We are expecting our minister of foreign affairs to be here next month. This is our way of enhancing diplomatic and economic ties with India.”

“We are honoured to host Ambassador of Bolivia. Since Bolivia has large untapped reserves of lithium and India has advanced technology, our country can play an instrumental role in imparting the technical know-how to Bolivia’s population and bridging the power deficit in the country. We look forward to a mutually beneficial association in the long run,” said Mr. Kunwer Sachdev, Su-Kam Managing Director. 

Bolivia is a goldmine of lithium reserves which are yet to be tapped. According to an estimate, the Bolivian Andes harbour 70 per cent of the planet's lithium. However, a significant portion of the country’s population does not have access to grid electricity. These lithium reserves coupled with superior technology can be instrumental in meeting the electricity demands of the country.


E Auto


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The Auto expo 2018 witnessed an electrifying experience especially with the vibrant look and feel of next generation electric vehicles showcased by Lohia Auto Industries, the automobile division of Rs. 700 Crore Lohia Global and a leading manufacturer of electric vehicles in the country. At Auto Expo Lohia Auto has launched "Comfort E-Auto HS".

Launching High Speed E-Auto Comfort HS, which can run upto 30km per hour speed, Mr Ayush Lohia, CEO, Lohia Auto said, “Innovation and affordability, these two thoughts are always on the fore -front while we design any new product. After having a significant success in keeping the electric vehicle moment alive, we are now geared up to take the brand to next pedestal by adding more value to the products in terms of speed, power, technology and reach.”

“The world is moving towards electric so as India and Lohia together”, added Mr Ayush Lohia CEO, Lohia Auto. 

Lohia COMFORT E- Auto HS - Lithium-Ion Battery operated High Speed Auto which poised to bring a big change in the urban commuting systems. COMFORT E Auto HS has been designed and developed indigenously by R&D Team of Lohia Auto and rolled out commercially in phased manner.

​​Lohia Auto’s innovative “COMFORT E-AUTO HS” comes with a D+4 passengers seating and load capacity of 40 kg. It will offer a mileage of over 80 kms. This model utilizes Li-ion battery which has a capacity of 78 AH. The charger is compact and easy to use and comes with 48V-40A Multi stages SMPS Charger. For ease of convenience to the rider it has an electric start and analog speedometer which makes it look stylish. Another defining characteristic is the front shock absorber. It is made of hydraulic (Telescopic Type). Also the rear shock absorber comprises of leaf spring plus hydraulic (Telescopic Type) with spring to offer added comfort to the passengers. It also offers a good ground clearance which is 235 mm. The E-Auto  price starting from Rs. 1,49,000( Ex Showroom Delhi).


Interview of Ms. Swati Chauhan, second most popular user of LIKE app in India

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Q1.  A brief introduction about yourself.

I hail from Shimla and currently I am pursuing Economics (Hons.) second year from Punjab University. I love modeling and making live videos. I am person who loves to go with the flow and take life as it comes. Although I am undecided about my career path, I would love to be an entertainer as I like making people happy.

Q2. Are you a tech geek and a music lover? What made you use the LIKE app?

I am a music lover, definitely. I came to know about LIKE app through Instagram. LIKE was looking for bloggers at that time. I contacted the spokesperson and he mailed me further details. Thus began my association with the app.

Q3. How do you find the app? Your feedback? Any novel feature of the app which attracted you?

I just love the app. Its design is amazing and its concept a unique one. LIKE app is truly unparalleled. No wonder it is doing so well in many countries including India.

Q4. How did you manage to attract large followers?

I am grateful to my followers. The reason behind my large followers is that I am able to make a connect with people. I often incorporate their feedback into my videos. Most of my videos are based on famous dialogues in the movies.

Q5. How do you think adding EDM and 4D Magic features will help the app?

Yes, of course. The new features will further enrich our video making experience.  LIKE app is doing so much for music lovers. About 4D magic, Blackhole feature is just amazing. These effects enable us to change background, add special effects into our videos, which can make our videos more interesting and diverse.