Aadhaar system - a sitting duck for Ransom ware attacks

New Delhi: WannaCry, the nasty malware which blocked the access to one’s computer and demands money to release it, was by far one of the worst cyber attacks in history. Its particular ability to jump from system to system, led the cyber experts to name it as “ransom worm”.

While earlier Aadhaar system was a non-linked service, now it is being linked with income tax, bank account and other such sensitive information.

In case an attack happens through Aadhaar, the user’s bank account can be locked down along with other such data, and a ransom could be demanded to release it. Nowadays, the economy is moving towards the cashless exchange, which makes the threat even more dangerous.


India Launches GSLV-Mark III- Heaviest vehicle -successfully

New Delhi: On Monday, India added yet another feather to its space technology achievements by launching the heaviest and the most powerful Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV) Mk-3 carrying GSAT-19 satellite (the first of its kind to provide internet services using the ka/ku band, faster than current satellites) from Satish Dhawan space centre, Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh.


Truecaller become the Fourth most downloaded App in India: Report

New Delhi: After Whatsapp, Messenger and ShareIt, Truecaller became the fourth most downloaded app in India on Google Play store, surpassing even Facebook, according to the Mary Meekeer Internet Trends 2017 report. It delivers over 100,000 clicks in a day to in-app advertisers. "Our biggest strength is the engagement and undivided attention we can provide to advertisers," said Tejinder Gill, Vice President, Sales and Head of India Operations at Truecaller. According to the report, India’s internet users now stand at 355 million, leading the country to the second position in the market after China.


Dubai enrolls world’s first robotic cop

New Delhi: From patrolling roads in Lamborghinis and Ferraris, to aiming for creating a robotic force which will make up a quarter of the existing by 2030, Dubai has already taken the first step in this direction.

Dubai police have enrolled a robotic officer which stood attentive at the foot of Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest tower, on Wednesday Night. The tourists and the passersby had the time of their life as they snapped selfies photos as souvenir by its side. The robot wears a police cap, while moving on wheels. With a touch-screen computer as its chest which can be used to report a crime or inquire about speeding tickets, it is also equipped with a camera that transmits live images to the operations room and can also identify the wanted suspects.

Women Vle Workshop

Minister of Electronics & IT Inaugurates Workshop to Train VLEs

New Delhi: A workshop on “CSCs as GST Suvidha Provider” to train the top performing VLEs and the State level representatives of CSC SPV for enabling implementation of GST scheme especially in rural India through CSC was organized here today. Common Services Centers are proposed to act as a GST Suvidha Provider. CSCs have been identified to facilitate the roll out of GST especially in rural India. CSCs will help merchants’ registration, filing returns and support them in fulfilling various requirements under GST. They will mobilize, conduct training and create advocacy of GST implementation across the country.