Hardoi’s Royal Enfield showroom goes all-solar

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Mr. Nihal, owner of Royal Enfield showroom in Hardoi,Uttar Pradesh was aware of the benefits of the solar energy. However, little did he know that it would change his life. Introduction to Su-Kam’s youtube channel was a turning point for him. It was at that point of time that he decided to solarize his showroom in Hardoi.


The HRD ministry has authorized a nine-member committee under Ex-ISRO chief scientist

New Delhi: The human resource development ministry has authorized a nine-member committee under Ex-ISRO chief scientist Krishnaswamy Kasturirangan's guidance to prepare the final draft for the New Education Policy (NEP). The panel, is being made to enforce the work into action immediately, apart from Kasturirangan, other members of the committee include:


Kurukshetra-based Gurjar Sudhaar Sabha Dharamshala goes all- solar

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Solar energy has taken the world by storm. From houses to offices – from schools to hospitals – more and more establishments are going solar.Inspired by the prospects of solar energy, Gurjar Sudhaar Sabha‘s dharamshala in Kurukshetra decided to install a solar plant in the area.  Today, the solar energy powers a total of 250 rooms in Dharamshala. Of them, there are 25 AC rooms, 45 rooms with coolers, 16 hall type rooms, and rest are ordinary rooms. Along with that, there are 5 store rooms and 3 big halls. The plant runs the electrical load of 45KW.