First Indian electric hypercar unveiled.


New Delhi: The first official Indian electric hypercar has been unveiled. Vazirani Automotive, the developer showcased the car has unveiled the first official at Goodwood Festival Of Speed last week. The car has been named as ‘Shul’ by the developer and it is powered by an eco-friendly turbine-electric powertrain.

Additionally, ‘Shul’ also has a lightweight chassis which is fortified by carbon fibre.

“Wanted to make something more emotional than conventional electric cars,” Co-founder and Chief Designer of Vazirani Automotive, Chunky Vazirani told Autocar UK in an interview during the showcase event. The car is an all-wheel-drive with four individual motors for each wheel and the motors run on a single-ratio gearbox. "Our battery pack weighs only about 300kg and it gives you the advantage of charging it on the go," Chunky shared. "The battery is right behind the passenger and it also takes some space through the central tunnel, so the car has an optimum weight distribution" Vazirani added.


Goodwood Festival Of Speed has always been a venue for manufacturers to unveil their performance products. However, the unveiling of an hypercar by a small Indian brand which works on a turbine-electric powertrain has come as a highlight of this edition Goodwood Festival Of Speed, the most iconic automotive events in Europe.



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