India plans to double its satellite

Bangalore  (NM Bureau): The space agency of India ISRO is looking forward to launch more satellites in orbit fo catch up with the needs of the country. The chief of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) said this addressing the media on Sunday in Bangalore, the ISRO headquarters.

“India currently has 45 satellites in space, but needs another 45  satellites,” said ISRO Chairman K Sivan.


Indian humanoid robot in making

New Delhi : A management graduate from India has claimed to have developed the first Hindi speaking Indian humanoid robot. He has named his making as ‘Rashmi’ and is calling it the local version of the globally acclaimed human robot ‘Sophia’. Ranjit Srivastava from Ranchi town in Jharkhand province has developed the social humanoid ‘Rashmi’ which can speak Hindi, Bhojpuri and Marathi along with English.

Sofia Saudi


Ranjit has claimed in an interaction with media that his creation is world’s first Hindi speaking realistic humanoid robot and India’s first lip-synching robot. Rashmi uses linguistic interpretation (LI), artificial intelligence (AI), visual data and facial recognition systems.


“Rashmi functions under a specially designed software and linguistic interpretation system developed by me. The LI programme analyses the feeling of the conversation while AI program analyses the conversation to extract the response from the device,” Srivastava told media.


Srivastava is a master of business administration (MBA) and also has expertise in software development of more than 15 years. He has developed the speaking robot in two years at a meager cost of Rs 50,000. “It will take one month more to give it complete shape of a human. Head and body have been developed and they are functioning properly. Process is on to add hands and legs to it,” Srivastava told media.


Srivastava owns Lotus Communication, a based software company in Ranchi. Rashmi has many features besides the lip-syncing. It gives facial, eye, lips, and eyebrow expressions and it can move its neck.

Poor Internet1

India Poor in Internet Speed

New Delhi: India, which is on a fastdrive of digitisation, has a bad news. The country is ranked only 109th among the 124 nations as per a data speed test. India’s 4G download speeds are even slower than that of neighbours Sri Lanka (13.95 Mbps), Pakistan (13.56 Mbps) and Myanmar (15.56 Mbps), according to UK speed tester OpenSignal. India is ranked much lower than developed markets such as the US (16.31 Mbps), UK (23.11Mbps) and Japan (25.39 Mbps). 

In an another test by US data speed tester Ookla, India is ranked India 109th in its of 124 nations. The Ookla test has clocked the overall mobile internet speeds in India with an average download speed of 9.12 Mbps, which is way below the global average of 23.54 Mbps. Ookla’s mobile internet speed test results for any country include measurements of various networks of 2G, 3G and 4G, says a PTI report.


First Indian electric hypercar unveiled.

New Delhi: The first official Indian electric hypercar has been unveiled. Vazirani Automotive, the developer showcased the car has unveiled the first official at Goodwood Festival Of Speed last week. The car has been named as ‘Shul’ by the developer and it is powered by an eco-friendly turbine-electric powertrain.

Additionally, ‘Shul’ also has a lightweight chassis which is fortified by carbon fibre.

Hair News Mantra

Scientists create hydrogel to mimic hair growth

New Delhi: Scientist at India’s premier tech Institute Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)- Delhi IIT have created mini organs that look like hair and can be of varied stages of growth as required. Scientists from IIT Delhi have developed a silk-based hydrogel that emulates the process of hair growth and this innovation can help new drugs for treating hair loss to avoid using animal tests, Indian news agency PTI reported.