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There could be a question you may have in your mind as to how many people of the opposite sex your lover is friendly with. Some people need exclusivity as their 1st qualifying criteria for a romantic relationship. But then will you compromise on the quality of your relationship ? The choice between exclusivity & quality is crucial. Those who offer you exclusivity may fall short on your qualification as an ideal lover & those who qualify as your ideal may not believe in exclusivity. What to do ?

According to me, the answers to the following 7 questions should matter :

# Is your beloved available for you on calls & messages when you seek his time ?
# Does he keep in touch ?
# Does he express love & care to you ?
# After he expresses it, do you feel his love as genuine ?
# Does he try & help you out in your difficulties ?
# Does he emotionally uplift you after you interact with him ?
# Do he respect your right to your space, & privacy ?
( the questions have been worded from female to male gender but apply vice-versa too & are genderless )

The answers to these questions I feel should determine your direction of romantic love. When love becomes a matter of ownership, it starts becoming controlling. However, when love exists only for joy, it is the love of the free. The love which seeks to own & control its lover, becomes bereft of joy as it is drowned in the sorrow of insecurity. True love is free, it feels joy in its act of giving, & feels no pain, but instead enjoys the dance of bliss.

: Sir Dr. Huz

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