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First Look of Ranveer Singh’s next film released

Yasharaj Films has released the first look of their upcoming film ‘Jayesh Bhai Vigorous, Jayeshbhai Jordaar‘.

Ranveer Singh and Yash Raj Films are coming together for the first time from this film, in which Ranveer has called the film a miracle script written by writer-director Divyang Thakkar, who is going to début in bollywood  This will be the first time that Ranveer will get a chance to be seen in the role of a Gujarati youth. 

In the picture, Ranveer Singh is standing among the women with a veil on his face. He is looking very thin and perhaps trying to protect those women with a circumscribed look. Looking at them, it seems that there is a lot of effort on the look. At the same time, the superstar will be seen playing the role of a Gujarati person for the first time from this film.

Sharing this picture, Yash Raj Films has written from his official Twitter handle, ‘Get ready for a strong journey ## JayeshbhaiJordaar‘. So obviously the film has come on the floor now. But no information has been given about the release of this film yet. But people are constantly questioning the release of the film in the comment box and are praising Ranvir fiercely.

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