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Online Education: The Future?

Online Education: The Future?
By Rahul Saxena

CEO Squad Connect

The world had been evolving very very fast since the invention of the internet. As it’s commercialization developed further, more and more activities started moving to the internet, including education.

Since the past few years, India and the rest of the World have been seeing an increasing number of online courses- short term and long term- being provided to add to the knowledge of students. With students, we here include anyone who’s willing to take education- a school or college student, as well as, an individual who has in past worked or is currently working. The courses are available not just at the university level, but also, at the school level to help students develop more learning skills, or, to revise lessons as tuitions.

Because of huge scope, the World witnessed a lot of providers of online education- Education Institutions, Educational Companies that provide or facilitate learning using technology (commonly referred to as EdTech Companies), and even individual Educators (Academicians, Teachers and Expert Professionals). This started to change the dynamics of the education industry.

Even though the world was changing and education started becoming online, people still associated formal education with attending physical schools and colleges. But due to Covid-19 where most of the delivery of education to students by the physical schools and colleges moved online too, people started seeing it as a possible new alternative for obtaining an education.

Due to ongoing Covid-19 pandemic students and parents identified Online Learning provided by Educational Institutions, EdTech Companies and Individual Educators as the best way to keep themselves and their children educated and continue to learn. The Educational Institutes used either their own systems or video conferencing tools to deliver education.

Further, as the world is on hold, students identified online learning as a tool to add to their skills using online education as a method to learn new skills that can help improve their overall work profile and add to their resume. Some of them also learned new hobbies online.

Online education, therefore, provides an array of opportunities to learn, develop and grow- both professionally and personally.

How does the future look for Online Learning? The world realized the potential of online learning and it is expected to grow further. Already more and more students and parents want to use it to upskill themselves and continue learning or learn more. The future, even after the Covid-19 pandemic is overcome, may see more educational institutions offering courses- both short and long term, to students to learn and develop themselves. This will allow Educational Institutes to cater to students far away through their programs and in-return, help students learn at the comfort of their homes courses and degrees that are in another city or country. Also, this will help students to take multiple courses to add to their knowledge and skill set.

Moreover, EdTech companies and Individual Educators will use the Internet to teach students, either accredited courses or courses to supplement the education or skill, development classes. Therefore, Online Education is an opportunity to learn more and develop further.

Online Education is definitely the way forward and something we must be open to and accept.

But, there are a few parameters that need to be taken care of. A good internet connection is needed, as well as, a basic understanding of technology too. Therefore, students and Educators would need to be skilled to efficiently use them. Also, more methods of teaching must be explored in case technology fails on any day through connection.

We will discuss how to prepare for online education and also how to use it efficiently in our further editorials.

For any Enquiries regarding guidance on Online Education, you can reach out to me on Instagram@squadconnect.

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