Rajasthan sees 88 Swine Flu deaths in two months

Swine Flu

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Rajasthan has recently seen a spike in the number of Swine Flu cases reported. 88 people have died while 976 people have been tested positive for the virus in the last two months. Number of diagnosed cases stood at 400 in January.  Majority of the cases have been reported from Jaipur and Jodhpur. 

State government is adopting various measures to curb the situation and control the virus from spreading further. Rapid Response Teams are placed in areas from where a high number of cases are being reported. From January 1, 2017 onwards, 241 Swine Fludeaths have been reported from the state. 

Adding further chaos to the situation, the state assembly was dismissed when MLA Amrita Meghwal received a call confirming she was infected by the H1N1 virus. Though Meghwal immediately left the premises, other members demanded a screening for all and expressed their concern over the situation. 

Health Minister, Kalicharan Saraf, assured the members that screening will be done of those willing to undergo the test.

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