National Medical Commission (NMC) bill discussed at AIIMS, New Delhi


New Delhi- Discussion on NMC bill was organized by RDA AIIMS, New Delhi was held in the presence of various medical representatives.

It was found that the bill requires a complete makeover rather than amendments because it will not solve the purpose for which it was made so it was it was rejected by the group. As per the release, the problems with the bill are that promotes bureaucratization and politicization of medical education and doesn’t provide independence to the NMC.

“Decision on fees regulation of only up to 40 % and providing free hand to private medical colleges is the worst part of the bill and promote capitalization and will increase the cost of medical education to tremendous level. It will move the medical education out of the reach of the poor and underprivileged section of society. No strict guidelines to regulate functioning of private medical colleges were mentioned in the bill, only monetary penalty that too not specified,” said the release.

The fraternity welcomes the national licentiate examination (NLE) for quality assurance of medical education but there is no clear description that how will this exam be conducted, whether objective MCQ based, subjective or clinical assessment or all together.

There were also other points where discussion was made.


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