Indian Olympic Association seeks permission from government to bid for 2030 Asian Games and 2032 Olympics

N Ramamchandran

 New Delhi: IOA’s president N Ramamchandran informed that Indian Olympic Association has sought permission from the government to bid for the 2032 Olympics and 2030 Asian Games. He further added that the government has agreed to discuss the proposal in the cabinet and would get back to them.

“You cannot take a decision today and say, ‘I want to host an Olympic Games tomorrow.’ It is an eight-year process. So you have to start now. If you are looking at anything it’s 2032. That will give you 10 years to improve the infrastructure and you will have a decision [to make] in the next four to six years,” Ramachandran said as per agency reports. He also promised that unlike the 2010 common wealth games, the prospective events will be clean and efficient. 

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