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It’s better to be laborer then a beggar: BJP chief

Bhartiya Janata Parti national chief address in the Rajya Sabha on Monday, highlighted ‘pro-poor’ government schemes that are functioning under government run by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Pointing out at Congress leader P. Chidambaram’s jibe against Modi’s comment on ‘pakoda sellers, Shah says being a street vendor and selling fritters is still better than being jobless

(Answering to the question that Chidambaram Sir's has tweeted that 'there are people who started selling pakodas under Mudra scheme, can this be called employment?' Yes, I believe that it’s better that somebody is earning from labour rather than begging. Their next generation will become industrialists)," he said.

He said that a chai-wala's son is now sitting in the House as Prime Minister and that should inspire people.

Shah went on to slam the Congress party on several counts. Responding to the opposition's criticism of Goods and Services Tax (GST), he asked all parties to come together and support the government's tax system.

"Sarvanumat se faisla hua hai.Aur shabd kya diya? Gabbar Singh Tax, kon hai Gabbar Singh? Sholay film me dakait ka naam tha. Kanoon se bana hua tax wasoolna daikaiti hai kya? (This was an unanimous decision. And now what do they call it? Gabbar Singh Tax, who is Gabbar? A dacoit from sholay film. How can a legal tax system be equated with dacoity?," he asked.

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People worries post budget: Will govt meet hopes

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The government has shown a big picture by allocating a favorable budget for the people below poverty line; nevertheless, what best it will do to meet the expectations and will the poverty completely vanish, remains the question for public.

Considering the poverty line, the government has set many positive aspects. Though, many due to poverty think that being poor is a curse that makes too tough for them to survive in any circumstance.

It has been proved that many from the society are not capable enough to take care of their basic needs, but in the current budget of 2018, government said to do a lot about the farmers and many others, regardless, poverty-troubled people are still double-minded, whether government will fulfill its promises.

Despite said by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley that it will be easier for everybody to make their house by 2022 and the promise of doubling the farmers’ salary, the poor people not only just worried about the future expenses but also tensed about how it will be a big success.

Government talks about mid day meals, yet there are many reports that have revealed the poor quality of food served in schools. Education might be free but are teachers capable. Are children eager to study?

Poverty sometimes limits the thinking and that happens to mostly all the kids living in poverty. Poverty has the ability to spur people on to a rebel so as to achieve normal life and do not have fear of starvation. Many revolutions happen in the past support my stand that poverty is the root cause of revolution.  The famous revolution in Soviet Union is an example of revolution caused by poverty. The current sufferers cannot even afford food for their family. They wanted someone to stand up and lead them out of poverty cycle.

And when Lenin the leader of Bolshwiks stood up and offered the idea of "peace, land,bread ," and the idea of having  equal share of everything in state gave people  hope. And as a result of the hopes of the people and by the support of the needy ones Lenin took over and formed the government.

Even in running era, people are still lacking to manage the basic education and nutritional food. It is still a dream in the eyes of small children which is lost somewhere in the race of struggle for fulfilling their basic needs.
Due to malnutrition number of children die every day.

More than one third of the world's malnourished children live in India. The 2014 'Global Hunger Index' report than India ranked 97th out of 118 countries with a serious under situation.

The Government of India has launched several programmes to cover the growing rate of under nutrition children. Like mid-day meal scheme state on Aug .15 , 1995 by government of India.

It serves millions of children with fresh cooked meals in almost all the government  even  schools. The scheme is started to provide healthy and fresh food to the students but the present condition of the mid-day meal programme in schools doesn't  reveal the same. There is no regularity in the distribution of food  ,unhygienic  condition of the place makes the implementation of mid-day meal scheme  questionable. That is it really working and the saplings  are happy or not .

14 yrs old Rajesh said that they are being offered  mid-day meal twice in a week.Number of flies are wandering over the food .The water used for cooking and for drinking is not equally treated .

Even the poor community is lacking to get good medical treatment as they cannot afford treatment at private clinics.  Number of poor people dies because of diseases  remain untreated like dangue nd malaria .Even the government hospitals has not proper facilities and infrastructure ."As malaria and dangue  diseases are common in most of the areas .patient admitted in wards have no protection from mosquito. Few people brings their own nets.

"People come her because  they cannot  pay fee at private  clinics. I will not come here if I had money." said Ram lal patient  at the government  hospital.

Patients also complain that most medicines prescribed by doctors were often not available at government pharmacies. "Patients have to buy costly medicines from market when though the government claims to provide medicines free of cost," said savita das a women suffering from dengue.

Moreover in union 2018 budget world's biggest national health protection scheme  has been announced for the welfare and development  of the poor,for farmers and increasing their income, senior citizens and women  .

If a country wants to uplift it must first uplift the lower section of the society  by removing poverty .poor people failed to achieve the education due to financial problem . It is dreadful for them who are living in poverty.  There is no equal distribution of available opportunities and resources.  Due to lack of transparency major financial part of national plan and programme made for poor, the gap between the two sections of society is getting broader. It is only the transparency of government department that can bring goodness in our religion.

Lack of transparency has left people very scared about the meeting of all the big budget, government has announced.

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‘Not possible to double farmers’ income by 2022’

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As Finance Minister Arun Jitley, during his budget speech promised to double the farmers’ salary by ’22, our Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh calls it ‘not impossible’ until the agricultural growth is 12 per cent.

"It's not possible to double the farmers’ income by 2022, until the agricultural growth is 12 per cent. It is just a hollow assurance," Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad quoted Singh as saying after a meeting of opposition parties.

"It seems that the fiscal deficit has increased," the Ex-Prime Minister said.

Earlier in the day, Singh said it was to be seen how the government would meet its given words.

"I do not think I can blame the budget for being motivated by scoring points in elections, but what worries me is that the fiscal arithmetic is at fault," he told NDTV.

When questioned if the budget was reform-oriented, our former PM said the word reform has been used and abused too many times.

"I don’t want to comment on it," he said, asking whether the farm crisis is a thing of the past and if not then how to deal with it.


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Cops detained AAP leader for sealing drive

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City Police on Monday detained Aap Aadmi Party leader after lathi charged, during their 'Parliament March' as a protest against the sealing campaign by Municipal Corporation Delhi (MCD).

Answering to the Police action, AAP MLA Saurabh Bhardwaj tweeted that MLAs and MCD councilors were protesting against sealing by MCD and Police beat up the female volunteers of AAP.

Senior AAP leaders including Ashutosh and Dilip Pandey have been detained from the situation.

PM’s police attacked elected MLAs, councilors and women protestors were protesting against the BJP action of sealing shops in various markets in the Capital. Are elected representatives treated such way, elsewhere in India? Tweeted Nagendra Sharma, Media Advisor to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

The sealing drive is being carried out by a Supreme Court-appointed Monitoring Committee against business establishments using residential properties for commercial purposes, and it is being implemented by the three BJP-led municipal corporations.

Saurabh Bharadwaj told media, BJP is solely responsible for the sealing drive for the past two months.

He also added that the Central government will have to change Master Plan 2021 for Delhi to put stoppage to the sealing drive, reports IANS.


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Budget Session- PM asks to support triple talaq’ bill

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On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked all the political parties to help in passing the Triple talaq bill in the budget session at Parliament.

The budget session 2018 that started today is all geared to have a direct confrontation between the government and the opposition that includes criminalising Muslim practice of immediate talaq.

While speaking to the reporters, PM said despite all the possible ways that his government applied, the triple talaq bill could not be passed in the last session.

Continuing that he hoped for no politics on the issue as it relates to the rights of Muslim women, the Bill could not be passed.
The all-party meeting was attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union ministers Rajnath Singh, Arun Jaitley and Ananth Kumar, besides leaders of opposition and other parties.

Lok Sabha, speaker Sumitra Mahajan had a dinner meeting with party leaders and said the leaders had assured her of their cooperation for the smooth functioning of the budget.

Addressing the floor leaders of the various parties in the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha, Prime Minister Modi said the government accords importance to issues rose by the parties and urged their leaders to create a "constructive atmosphere for the national good".

Parliamentary Affair Minister Kumar termed the meeting “productive”, mentioned that the PM urged the party leaders to make the session successful.

"We are very hopeful that the bill which is going to negate 'talaq-e-Biddat' and pave the way for empowering Muslim women will be passed in the Rajya Sabha, too," he said.

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