Court wants marriage expenses to be disclosed


New Delhi: The apex court in India has asked the government to make it mandatory for the brides and grooms to furnish details of their marriage expenses to the marriage officer.


The court in its order today said that the move is likely to discourage the practise of dowry. Among many suggestions, the court has also asked that the couple can be allowed to deposit an amount in the wife’s account for any exigencies out of the marriage expenses.

The Supreme Court of India gave the advice to the central government today while it was hearing a marital dispute case in which the woman had levelled dowry allegations against the man and the groom’s side has denied them. The apex court has asked the government along with the suggestion to work out a mechanism to minimise such disputes. "We may consider whether details of expenditure on marriage should be jointly furnished to the jurisdictional marriage officer to avoid future disputes about dowry," the court said.


The Indian court also wanted the government if it could relook at the Dowry Prohibition Act and to define dowry and related terms better. Fighting Dowry related menace has been a challenge for India with an independent study putting dowry related deaths in India to be alarmingly high at 21 deaths a day and the conviction rate in such cases to be only 34.7%. In a similar move, the government of India has introduced a Bill in the lower house of the Parliament, Lok Sabha which sought to limit wedding expenses by limiting the number of guests and dishes served in the celebration function.



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