Two Men Rape Woman Bathing In Ganga


Patna (NM Bureau): In a reprehensible act of violence against females in India, a 45-year-old woman who was bathing in the holy river of Ganga in Patna Bihar was dragged out and raped by two men on Monday.


The women was bathing in river Ganga as part of a religious fast observed by Hindus. The accused not only assaulted but was also filmed and the video made viral on the social media. Local civil society members are agitated on the fact that the police swung into action only after the video was brought to the notice of the administration.

News agency PTI has quoted Patna police saying that “it has confirmed that the accused filmed the assault and later shared it on social media.”


The agency named the two accused as Shivpujan Mahto and Vishal, who have been arrested. The video, now viral on the social media but restrained for publication, shows Mahto approaching the woman as she takes a bath and then drags her out and assaults her. 


The audio in the viral video makes it clear that the women is seen pleading with the two men to release her saying that she was observing a fast for her children and ato consider the sanctity of the river Ganga. She is heard saying that river Ganga is "mother". The two accused does not yield to the cries of the lady though. 


The video has been widely circulated in the social media for the last two days while the women organisations have called upon publications to refrain from publishing it. 

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