Dalai Lama Apologises After Remark On Nehru


New Delhi (NM Bureau): Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama has expressed regret over his recent statement on Jawaharlal Nehru in which he called the former Prime Minister as "self-centred". "My statement has created controversy, I apologise if I said something wrong," he said.

Dalai Lama on Wednesday said that India would have remained one, had Jawaharlal Nehru accepted Mahatma Gandhi’s choice of Muhammed Ali Jinnah as the country’s first prime minister. The spiritual leader of the Tibetan people who had flee to India 1959 after Chinese invasion of Tibet is the 14th Dalai Lama. Nehru, the then Prime Minister of India gave asylum to Dalai Lama and Tibetan people in India for their safety.

He was speaking in a conference in Goa when he said Nehru was a “little bit self-centred”. Dalai Lama made the comment while responding to a question by a student on how to overcome emotions and avoid making wrong decisions.

“In a way, now look back India, Mahatma Gandhiji  was very much willing to give prime ministership to Jinnah. But Pandit Nehru refused. I think Pandit Nehru was little bit self-centred: ‘I should be prime minister’, if Mahatma Gandhi’s (wish) materialised then Indo-Pakistan (would have been) united,” he said.

“Pandit Nehru, I know very well, was very experienced person, wise but sometimes mistakes also happen. So you see responsibility is on your shoulder. Analyse, ask opinion, then take decision,” the spiritual leader added.

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