It’s better to be laborer then a beggar: BJP chief

Amit Shah Pti 2

Bhartiya Janata Parti national chief address in the Rajya Sabha on Monday, highlighted ‘pro-poor’ government schemes that are functioning under government run by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Pointing out at Congress leader P. Chidambaram’s jibe against Modi’s comment on ‘pakoda sellers, Shah says being a street vendor and selling fritters is still better than being jobless

(Answering to the question that Chidambaram Sir's has tweeted that 'there are people who started selling pakodas under Mudra scheme, can this be called employment?' Yes, I believe that it’s better that somebody is earning from labour rather than begging. Their next generation will become industrialists)," he said.

He said that a chai-wala's son is now sitting in the House as Prime Minister and that should inspire people.

Shah went on to slam the Congress party on several counts. Responding to the opposition's criticism of Goods and Services Tax (GST), he asked all parties to come together and support the government's tax system.

"Sarvanumat se faisla hua hai.Aur shabd kya diya? Gabbar Singh Tax, kon hai Gabbar Singh? Sholay film me dakait ka naam tha. Kanoon se bana hua tax wasoolna daikaiti hai kya? (This was an unanimous decision. And now what do they call it? Gabbar Singh Tax, who is Gabbar? A dacoit from sholay film. How can a legal tax system be equated with dacoity?," he asked.

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