Fly to saudi will be cheapar

India ready to hike Saudi flying rights by 40% soon . It will benifit saudi airline a big way . 

AA Emirates

Saudi is the first gulf country get quota increase under Modi government.

 According to rules, flights between two countries are governed by air services agreements — also called bilateral flying rights.

Saudi Arabia is set to become the biggest and only beneficiary of India’s tightly managed foreign flying rights regime with the Centre giving the oil-rich nation a 40% hike in quota from April 1.

The move, which follows the India visit of Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman last month, will make Saudi Arabia the only country within a 5,000-km flying distance from India to have its quota increased by the Narendra Modi-led government. Requests for an increase in flying rights by others like Dubai, Qatar, China, Singapore and Malaysia, among others, have been rejected.

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