Mercedes planning to drive in ‘robot car’ by 2021


 This is the era of connected cars and autonomous driving and Mercedes-Benz — the German luxury carmaker — is ready to roll out a ‘robot car’ by the year  2021. The company is carrying out large amout of R&D  for autonomous and connected cars at its research lab in India its biggest development centre outside Germany.

Ola Kallenius, the global R&D head for Daimler (Mercedes' parent) and its board member, said that tech companies such as Google, Amazon, NVidia and Microsoft are rapidly playing a key role in the development of new forms and mobility as cars become more intelligent and connected.

"We are in a very strong transformational phase now. And there are four mega trends that are driving this transformation — connectivity, autonomous drive, different types of shared mobility and services, and electric drive," Kallenius told TOI at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) here.

Mercedes have been working on various new technologies, and at the CES unveiled the company's 'intelligent' multimedia system, MBUX — Mercedes-Benz User Experience. Interactions with the voice-assisted system can be done by saying 'Hey Mercedes' and the set-up then develops on augmented reality, artificial intelligence and speech recognition to transform into an intelligent assistant.

Kallenius said with intelligence and consant learning being built into vehicle, the cars are becoming more then mere mobility tools. Speaking about  autonomous car he said that the first business case will be “Robot Taxi”. There will be a computer in the car that drives the car.

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