Companies will have to print their new and old rates in newspapers - revenue secretary

Revenue Secretary

New Delhi:  After the implementation of the GST, it is the challenge of reaching out to the common people for the government and controlling inflation. To monitor this, Nodal officers have been deployed throughout the country, for this the districts have been classified into 175 groups. According to Revenue Secretary Hasan al-Aadhiya, there will be a separate team for each state. Customers will not have any problem, all industry cooperates should help with their prices.

Revenue Secretary Hasmukh Adhiya has clarified that after the implementation of GST, companies will have to tell about the old and new rates of advertisements in newspapers, thereby, there should be no dilemma in the minds of the people. He said that it would be necessary to show old and new MRP on the goods. If the trader has the old stock lying down. MRP will cover all types of taxes.

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