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A ft Python found in toilet early ours in a mumbai residence when house wife got up for loo. She fainted to saw python

Dhoble rushed out of his one-room kitchen on the ground floor of the municipal quarters with his wife and sons in tow and woke up the entire neighbourhood. “Luckily, one of my neighbours, Akshay Patkar, found out the contact number of a non-profit organisation that rescues snakes,” said Dhoble, a municipal employee who confessed that his two children, aged five and 10, were completely shaken at what they later learnt had slithered into the house. “We did not sleep a wink last night. Not only the boys, my wife and I have been equally horrified,” he admitted.


The non-venomous snake was fished out of the Indian-style commode around 2am by a rescue team.

The non-venomous snake was fished out of the Indian-style commode around 2am by a rescue team. “The python was more than 7-ft long,” said Aman Singh, a volunteer 

The python was more than 7-ft long

The snake kept the rescuers on tenterhooks as it kept slipping in and out of the squat toilet. “We had to wait patiently for 45 minutes for it to crawl out enough for us to get a grip on its body,” said Hasmukh Valanju, another member of the rescue team.

Once it had slithered out enough, they pulled it out with a snake hook. It’s used to pull snakes out of cavities. It has a metal rod with a twisted hook at one end. The snake was gently pinched up and brought out.

Bhandup resident Vinay Dhoble, his wife and two boys could not sleep a wink the night after Vinay spotted the 7-feet snake in the washroom

The area where the Dhobles live is perched along the periphery of Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Another huge python was found a few hours later across the street from where the Dhobles live. “It is difficult to say how the snake landed up there. It could have entered the toilet through the drainage pipe, possibly while chasing a rodent,

Residents says

. “Later, as the coiled 7-footer was lugged out of the house, Dhoble’s wife who saw it being taken out fainted at the mere sight of how bulky and huge the creature was.”

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