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News mantra servey 

No majority to modi 

Latest news provider and most popular website for accuracy newsmantra has predict that modi is most popular brand as pm but will be short of majority .

After almost maximum candidate announce and campaign pick up it's coming in survey that current modi led NDA will not get majority mark and will be needed to take help of others .
Newsmantra did survey across india and more than 55000 person responded regarding ongoing loksabha polls shows local factor and employment will play bigger role .
Our servey final ...

NDA.       257 
Upa.        163
Others.    122

 Survey has predicted that the ruling National Democratic Alliance (NDA) may fall short of the majority mark of 272 in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

 The NDA is predicted to get 257 seats, while the UPA is predicted to settle for 163 seats.
The BJP alone is expected to bag 220 seats, while the Congress alone is expected to bag 116.
The Third Front parties are poised to be kingmakers with a combined tally of over 122 seats.
However, the NDA will still be the largest pre-poll alliance by a comfortable margin, the survey says.

If the NDA gets the support of YSRCP, BJD, MNF and TRS, its tally is expected to reach 278, slightly more than the majority mark.

If the UPA gets the support of AIUDF, LDF, TMC and the ‘Mahagathbandhan’ of SP-BSP-RLD, its tally is expected to reach near majority .

Here are some of the other highlights of the survey:

At 29%, are against the Centre is at its highest in the past five years.

The Citizenship Bill has harmed the BJP in the Northeast

The Mahagathbandhan has gained ground in Uttar Pradesh. It is up from 42 seats in December to 51. NDA is down from 36 seats to 25 seats.
Cong will gaiin in maharastra from present 2 seats to 9 while ncp will be from 5 to reach 7 . 
Three others will win .

In madhyapradesh cong is likely to get atleast 15 Seats out of 29 .  Cong was having only 2 seats . Bjp will get only 14 seats .While in chattisgarh cong will get 9 seats out of 13 seats .
In rasthan cong will gain much and can cross up to 14 seats last time it was zero . 

Congress RJD combination will get maximum seats in bihar . Out of 40 seats congress RJD may get 23 seats .It will be a jolt for bjp and nitish .

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