96-year old granny is a social media rage

Karthyayini Amma

New Delhi (NM Bureau): India has a new star and she is special. Karthyayini Amma is 96 years old and one of the oldest known student to appear for an examination. She is part of her district’s literacy mission in Alappuzha, a small city in the state of Kerala. She wrote her life’s first exam at the age at 96 and more important is the fact that Amma scored full marks in the reading section of the literacy test that was conducted two days ago on Sunday. 


“Amma was calm and confident while she came to sit for her exams in Kanichenellur government Lower Primary School in Cheppad of Alappuzha,” Sathi, a local teacher coordinator for the exam told the vernacular media after the exam. 

The exam that the 96-year-old sat for the exam conducted by the Kerala Literacy Mission’s Aksharalaksham scheme which tests individuals for their literacy standards.


“Karthyayini Amma was unhappy that the question paper did not ask everything she studied. She feels she studied too much for no reason. She seems fairly confident about acing the written round as well,” the teacher told media. 

Kerala Literacy Mission’s Aksharalaksham scheme is a Government of Kerala initiative for continuing education for the estimated 18 lakh illiterates and 12 lakh neo-literates residents of the state. Around 45,000 senior citizens from across this southern Indian province wrote the Literacy Mission’s tests this year.

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