‘One should not be so unromantic on V-day’

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It was not too tough for me to be precise upon what piece has to be written on Valentine’s Day, when asked during an official meeting at my office.

A wave had hit my mind that shivered me to my bones which reminded me of my relationship almost a year ago. 

When asking my girlfriend to be my Valentine on V day has an answer that came to me was imprint of five fingers on my face. Of course, without realising of what kind of stupid thing I have done with an old fashioned style on one of the most romantic days.

This had later taught me, “one should not be so unromantic on V-day” and I cursed my impatience and over-confidence. 

Say it with a rose, a symbol of color, passion and love and presented her, a voice came from within and she was cool and her eyes seemed to smile in anticipation. Making a slow advance, I proposed her with a chocolate followed by gifting a teddy bear.

I was having a feeling of a hero in me, trying to show up and I scripted some romantic dialogues to make promises and it worked. As Valentine day drew near, I cleared more decks and hugged her. I went to a gift shop for getting some suitable greeting card on Valentine day and a big card with picture of eyes with one word “focussed”, caught my attention. When I opened the card everything was crystal clear as it said “On you”.

I bought the card and a strange feeling gripped me. I was not able to remember how many girls had been able to get my focused attention but today I was focussing on my Valentine. Everything went as anticipated and Valentine day passed with lot of fun and promises to keep. But kiss gave me a miss.

Later, surfing the net I found a strange sequence of eight days to Valentine day, each conveying its own message. I was dumbfounded when I knew that my girlfriend knew all this 10 years ago. I am looking for a better Valentine day and hopping that there would be no “miss” this time. I am told the Valentine day is falling under Venus-Moon conjunction, considered very auspicious for strengthening the love bonds, harmonising the emotional level and adding to romance in lives of couples.

I find a strange coincidence in Valentine, a concept borrowed from the West and the colourful festival of Basant, which fall during the spring season. Why not look for a yellow rose covered by a beautiful Valentine day card to wish my sweetheart in style and convey that love is without bounds, I suggested to myself.

“Spring will come and go but love will blossom only in loving hearts”, I received SMS from some unknown friend which explained to me the real meaning of Valentine.

Suddenly my mobile rang and my girlfriend was on the line. She asked me whether I would be with her on Valentine day. I was not sure about my programme and she got upset and said some harsh words. I also lost my cool and replied the same way.

Realising that the arguments were going the wrong way she put a stop to verbal dual and said “Baby have some Paani and come out of Bhiwani”. I also realised that the provocation was uncalled for and told my sweetheart: “If my piece goes well in time, I will be there on Valentine”.

(Writer is an Assistant Editor with NewsMantra)


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