‘My wife’s patience enhanced my patience level’


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A 50-year-old man’s struggle has provided his sons a secular education which has took them to study and earn overseas in one of the reputed universities and companies.

Jeevan Kumar, 50, after a struggle of selling cigarettes, tobacco and now a fruit chat seller, despite being not allowed to stay at one place he had somehow managed by loitering in different areas daily.

Kumar has sacrificed almost everything and still surviving on fruit chat business from the past 27 years.

50 year old man faced many threats from the people who were already in the market, even was thrown out of the area due to the suffering of the existing businessman and stayed on footpath for several years

His only aim and dream was to provide the best education so that the kids do not suffer what he has, for which he appreciates his wife.

"My wife has been an inspiration, despite returning home without a penny, she maintained calm and that's what enhanced my patience". Jeevan said.

Before his kids were born, Jeevan’s father was bedridden for approximately 5 years for which he had spent every drop of blood that he and his father had earned till then.

After his father’s demise, he had no burden but even nothing was left for survival because he did not even have the money to cover the last rites of his father’s cremation.

Gradually, he pulled his socks and started collaborating with one businessman in fruit chat business and took over the command completely after almost 5 years of sleepless nights.

When he initially started, he had to go through many hurdles but was fortunate enough to fight with all of them.

Today he is still paying his debt which he took at the time for his kid’s education but leading a happy life.

He is still not hoping his kids to set him free from the entire burden of debt that he owes to the market that he took while providing education to his kids but overwhelmingly enjoying the pressure by clearing his debt slowly since he is absolutely tension free about his dream has come true.

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