Some dark memories in childhood can ruin your kids life forever: Shaping Nations Future: Not an easy task!!

Child Safety

Going through the newspaper now-a-days, we come across the news of the loss of a guiltless life inside the premises of a school, the Ryan International School. This isn’t the first time we have come across such news that a kid has lost his life inside the school premises. After hearing such incidents it is normal to feel hurt and furious about the foul play of everything but that’s not enough. In the era where safety security is one the major concerns, only feeling bad about such incidents can never help. The core question that arrives after such painful happenings is- who is the one responsible? Parents, school authority, or at bigger level, Government or society in total? Where do we lack?

“Maybe it is every one of them”

To secure and gift our children a safe and healthy atmosphere, it is important for the school authority to stay in direct touch with the entire guardian. As a parent, it is imperative that we educate our kids to be self-assured keeping in mind the end goal to ensure themselves against episodes of harassing and misuse. Furthermore, above all, make our homes a place of trust and support. School is a place of imparting education, building the future generation. This is the complete responsibility of the school to create fearless environment at school, making a sheltered learning condition, recognizing every activity of children and try to find out the mental situation even if the child fails to speak and after that making reasonable move. It is for the Government to ensure the correct data is bestowed to guardians and kids both in private and government division schools about issues identifying with cyber security bullying or sexual abuse. Proper education through workshops, seminars for both children and guardians should be conducted in every school in order to highlight such cases and create awareness about them. Along with awareness, safety measures and dealing techniques should also be included for better results.

The world we are living in is exposed to social media and is very easily accessible for people of every age. They get introduced to many contents and messages in the form of pop-ups, advertisements which somehow affects their mind a lot. For this the complete responsibility lies in hands of the guardian to keep a check on what the kid is doing on social media. We, as guardians, have an additional obligation to utilize such discussions with most extreme care and alert. In the present time of decreasing family ties web here and there assumes control over the part of pseudo guardians and may work as their lone passionate emotionally supportive networks. We grownups need to give more time and the best possible environment for the children that include "live" discussions where our cocoons can look for help without any hesitation and fear of being judged. 

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