Is the scenario actually changing??

Women Harassment

Talking about women empowerment, girl child education on a regular basis seems as a waste when you come across such incidents. A girl child, student of grade 3 studying in one of the most prominent schools of Bulandshahr’s was rescued hours before her wedding by some social activist and  school officials. As stated by the school authority the girl is 11 year old but her Aadhar card depicts her as 18 and this was done by her parents to ensure the smooth working of the wedding ceremony and to prove this marriage legal in the eyes of law.

An 11 Year old girl getting married? Difficult to believe it right?

Well now this is the harsh truth of the society we are living in. An 11 year old girl was almost pushed into a relationship which she can’t even understand.

This is just one case in news but if we examine the situation of female in our society, it is deteriorating rapidly. Be it the case of mass molestation in Bangalore, child marriage in Bulandshahar, Nirbhaya rape case in Delhi or children being sexually abused in their schools.

If you judge the current situation of women in India as per the news channels and the glamour world, women are not someone defeated or the section behind men, India is a proud nation with women like Sania Mirza, Pratibha Patil, Aishwarya Rai, Kiran bedi and many more but still such cases compels to Re-think and demands self evaluation by every citizen.

Rape, molestation or eve teasing, these all are determined by several factors- Economic, demographic, social efficiency of the police and judicial systems, literacy rate and exposure to mass media.

As per a survey- The more affluent a state is, the lower is the incidence of rapes but the effect is small; the greater the sex imbalance (or the lower the number of women to men), the higher is the incidence of rapes; the higher the ratio of female workers to male workers, the lower is the occurrence of rapes; somewhat surprisingly, the higher the media exposure (measured as readership/ literate population), the higher is the incidence of rapes; the effect of alcoholism is contributory and significant; open defecation is associated with higher occurrence of rapes - especially in rural areas; and, finally, the higher the conviction rate (number of persons convicted/number of persons registered for committing a rape), the lower is the incidence of rape.

Women safety has always been one of the major concerns in our nation; still we fail to give them a life without threat.  After every deadly incident we come across suggestions like: keeping the girl indoor, not wearing short dresses, and not walking down the streets after 9 o’clock.

Okay if we agree to these suggestions can anyone ensure 100% safety after all these measures?

If yes, then why are girls being raped and harassed by their family members itself? Why a kid is being raped and why a woman of 50-60 years is raped? 


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