Bengaluru cop wins hearts by prioritizing ambulance over presidential convoy

ML Nijalingappa

New Delhi: As the convoy of Indian President Pranab Mukherjee approached the Trinity Circle in Bengaluru, traffic sub-inspector ML Nijalingappa spotted an ambulance making its way towards the junction from another road.

In a few seconds, he had his priority decided.

Contrary to the usual circumstances when VVIP convoys are given right of way, Nijalingappa quickly guided the ambulance out of heavy traffic.

Nijalingappa, Who was being assisted by constable vishwanath Rao, was posted at Trinity Circle when the president’s convoy was coming from the HAL airport.

“We did not have a tough time taking decision- we managed both the ambulance and the VVIP”, said Nijalingappa.

Nijalingappa was widely applauded on social media, Including by the official handles of the DCP Traffic East the IPS Association and IPS Praveen Sood. Rewards were announced for him.

Till date, there have been several reports of people dying while being forced to wait for VIP convoys. It is also common for VIP’s to demand special privileges. In these circumstances what Nijalingappa did was praiseworthy indeed. In theory and ad world it sounds like a piece of cake easy to slip into your throat but in the Indian context this is HUGE decision for a policemen to make. Doing something which is different from the set hierarchy and which is morally and virtually right needs tons of fearlessness.

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