Road Safety: the potholes of neglect

Road Safety

With the arrival of monsoon road across India become death traps. Every now and then we hear news story relating to loss of life while trying to avoid potholes. Sadly, most roads across the country are in bad conditions. The quality of construction of the roads is so poor that once it rains and it becomes difficult to distinguish between a road and a drain. What worsens the situation is that the loss of life has no impact on the concerned authorities and the government. Governments are created primarily for public safety but in some instances we see that they are incapable of discharging their duty.

Monsoon and the accompanying water logging is a feature we see every year. The authorities come into action after the devastation has been created by rain rather than preparing for the situation well in advance by clearing drainage lines and repairing roads whenever in need. 

This must change immediately to avoid any future mishaps. The suggestion mentioned in the Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill 2016 that contractors and agencies must be accountable for bad road conditions and potholes is influencing. The bill was passed in April in the Lok Sabha but still is looking for clearance from the upper house. It should be passed at the earliest and in the meanwhile the Government must perform their act right in order to ensure that no more lives are lost in this manner.

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