After Tejas, railways up for another makeover

Habibganj Name Board

Bhopal: Railways is improving by leaps and bounds, first it was the introduction of the world class train Tejas, now it is a world class station named Habibganj.


Railways is one of the few sectors which has been in the hands of the government completely and this has changed with the upcoming of Habibganj railway station, the first railway station to be built in a public-private partnership, specifically designed and planned so it reaches the international standards.

A local firm named Bansal Group was given the contract for building and maintaining this station for 8 years. Bansal Group has been allotted 4 land parcels on a lease of forty-five years.


The station has an area which is nearly 18,000 square meters. Rs. 450 crore will be spent on revamping the station and to make the four land parcels into commercial spaces.

The Habibganj station has been planned to be made into a international standard transit hub featuring shopping stores, eateries, and restaurants among others. Solar energy would be used by the station which will make it environment friendly. After this station the Railway Ministry is also planning to upgrade stations in Pune, Chandigarh and Gandhinagar.

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