Statues Of Bhagat Singh Rajguru And Sukhdev

Felling Lenin, Eulogizing Bhagat Singh: Weapons of Mass Confusion

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Come 23rd March and we see all hues of political organizations singing eulogies in the name of Bhagat Singh. Even those who are have taken pride in felling the statue of Lenin in Tripura will be  seen  washing the statues of Bhagat Singh with cow milk. This is how they try to sanitize the ideas of Bhagat Singh and make them adaptable to their cow-worshiping crowds. Every year they come in small groups and smear the statues with all kind of patriotic paste and raise slogans in the name of mother India "Bharat Mata Ki Jai". This would be all right had they shown a little respect to the ideas of Bhagat Singh too. Felling the statue of Vladimir Ilich Lenin and eulogizing Bhagat Singh cannot go on simultaneously. In fact, this is a weapon of mass confusion used by the Hindutva brigade in order to misguide the idealistic youth of the country in the name of hyped nationalism.

There are several instances in the accounts of the life of Sardar Bhagat singh written by his biographers which prove his interest in the Soviet Revolution and the leadership of Lenin. The formation of Hindustan Socialist Republican Association was itself a clear evidence that freedom for Bhagat Singh was a complete transformation of the Indian nation into a country free from class exploitation where the tiller of the land and the producer of goods in the industry get the full reward of their labour. On June 6, 1929, the statement of Bhagat Singh and Dutta also referred to the two Bills. Their explanation of the term “Revolution” would be pertinent in this respect. Revolution is not necessarily connected with a bloody struggle. It has no place for personal grievances. Nor is it a game of bombs and pistols.

By the term Revolution we mean dismissing the prevalent social system which is established on evident impropriety. Though the producers and workers are the most important component of society they are…deprived of the products of their labour and even of their fundamental rights. The farmer who produces corn for everybody has to starve with his family; the weaver who makes garments for all does not get enough clothing for himself.
So until and unless this exploitation is prevented, the entire civilisation would crumble down. The cry of the day is absolute transformation and those who realise it bear the responsibility to reorganise society on the basis of socialism…By Revolution we understand the establishment of such a social system…. dictatorship of the proletariat and Communist internationalism which would save humanity from Capitalism and Imperial Wars.

If the British Government pay no heed to our warning and continue with the old measures of repression, a mighty struggle would start which would sweep away all obstacles and ultimately establish the dictatorship of the proletariat for the fulfilment of the Revolutionary ideology…. Every-one has a birth right to independence.

Ajoy Ghosh, a colleague of Bhagat Singh who later became the General Secretary of the Communist Party of India, wrote that Bhagat Singh spent most of his time in prison studying socialist literature and during this time came very close to the communist ideology. Gopal Tagore, another biographer of Bhagat Singh, relates that a few days before his death when asked what was his last wish, he replied that he was studying the life of Lenin and he wanted to finish it before his death. (Bhagat Singh—The Man and His Ideas, p. 30) When he was in prison he wrote two hundred pages of notes regarding capitalism, socialism, the origin of state, communism, religion, sociology, and also many facts regarding India, the French Revolution, Marxism, governmental structures, family, Communist International etc. (Shahid Bhagat Singh—A Biography, p. 30) The essay Why I am an Atheist shows that Bhagat Singh was very clear in his stand on religion. It is also seen in one of his letters written to his friend Joydeb that he requested him to send  books like Civil War in France by Marx, Left Wing Communism and Collapse of the Second International by Lenin. (Ibid., pp. 29-30)

It is further known from Ajoy Ghosh that Bhagat Singh and his colleagues sent a telegram to the Soviet Union on November 7, 1930, greeting the Great Russian Revolution. In Janaury 1930, to commemorate “Lenin Day”, they entered the Court Room wearing red scarfs and demanded that their greetings should be intimated to the President of the Third International. (Ibid., pp. 69-70)

The present day rulers and their front organizations have tried to appropriate our national icons and used them selectively to aid their propaganda of  Hindutva  and achieve their  goal of making India a Hindu Rajya. This is what they want to do with Bhagat Singh too. In the wake of their victory not only Lenin's statue was demolished, they demolished the statues of Periyar, Ambedkar and Gandhi too. So, it not just communism which is their target, it is every one who threatens their agenda of imposing the Brahminic varnashram system which is the basis of the formation of RSS which has been led by Maharashtrian Brahmins in the major part of its existence. The appropriation of Bhagat Singh and other icons is a weapon of mass confusion to further the agenda which is driven by narrow nationalism. The people of India should be cautious of this as we remember our martyrs in this month of March.  

(Writer is an English Professor)


Reinvigorating Tandav dance by six -year old danseuse enthrals audience at Junoon

Gurugram: Once again, the Cyber Hub, Gurugram transformed itself into a cultural hub with scintillating performances at Junoon.The highlight of the evening was the Tandav dance performed by six- year old danseuse Arin of Salwan Public School. Her reinvigorating moves left the audience spellbound. Arin is a child prodigy who is a resident of Gurgaon. Junoon is an initiative of DLF Foundation to promote art and culture.  

Talking about the performance Arin's mother Ragini Shree, who is also a renowned astrologer said " I am glad that Arin got this chance to be part of this initiative"
Among other performances were by Songdew who entertained the audience thoroughly with Sufi genre of music and famous Hindi numbers.Songdew is India's largest and the fastest growing network of artists and listeners. With more than 25,000 artists and bands across genres- it is the destination for artists to connect with opportunities and listeners to discover and stream great music. Over the period of last two years, Songdew has also emerged as the leading platform for brands to connect with music for exciting marketing campaigns around their brand. Puroshattam Choudhary enthralled the audience with numbers like Cocaine/Superstition Mashup, All along the watchtower/Foxylady Mashup, Why Georgi and Goodlove are on the way.
Puroshattam Choudhary is the lead singer at Music Binds Hearts, an Indian music band. He has performed at VLCC fashion week and Angel & Phoenix entertainment for various shows in Jaipur, Udaipur, Mumbai and New Delhi. He has also been featured on ETV Rajasthan as ‘Emerging Voice of Desert’. He is trained in Western Classical music and has won several prizes at school and inter-state singing competitions. He has been earlier associated with bands such
as Assorted Smack, Segments and Hip Blues. Music Binds Hearts (MBH) is an Indian Acoustic Blues-Pop- Rock band formed in 2017. 
It is heartening to note that it has received an overwhelming response. DLF Foundation will continue in its endeavour to build a socially inclusive society,” said Colonel Prakash Tewari, Executive Director, DLF Foundation.
Junoon, a socio-cultural project of DLF Foundation aims is to provide a platform to budding performers to showcase their talent. The event held everySaturday/Sunday at Amphitheatre, Cyber Hub, enables people of all age groups from across Delhi-NCR to showcase their talent in activities like music, dance, plays, theatre, laughter club activities, fashion show and the like. The project is scheduled to go on until March 2018.
Raj Babbar

Raj Babbar resigns as UP Congress president

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A veteran actor-turned-politician, Raj Babbar has penned down his resignation as Uttar Pradesh Congress president however, party is yet to accept the resignation.

Actor-turned-politician Raj Babbar has resigned as Uttar Pradesh Congress party president, media reports have said, adding that the party hierarchy is yet to accept his resignation.

A media reports said that till the time Babbar's resignation is confirmed, he will continue working as the state party president. The report also quoted sources as saying the party is eyeing a prominent leader from the Brahmin community as Babbar's replacement.

Jitin Prasad, Rajesh Mishra and Laliteshpati Tripathi were to be considered as possible replacements for Babbar, the report added. It said that the party may opt to go with one president followed by four vice-presidents to look after the four zones of the state.

Babbar's resignation comes following a turbulent month for the Uttar Pradesh Congress, which performed woefully in the by-elections to Phulpur and Gorakhpur parliamentary constituencies. Congress candidates Manish Mishra and Dr Sureetha in Phulpur and Gorakhpur respectively couldn't even save their deposits.

In Phulpur, the one-time constituency of India's first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru, Congress secured 19,334 votes, just 2.64 percent of the total votes polled. In Gorakhpur, the Congress candidate secured only 17,000 votes a voteshare of only 2 percent.

Following the verdict, Congress president Rahul Gandhi had said the party was keen on rebuilding itself in Uttar Pradesh, but said it can't happen overnight.

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When The Sun Dint Rise Pic

1984 Riots: No religion of the world preaches hatred, says director Teenaa Kaur

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Screening of a documentary “1984, When the Sun didn’t Rise” was held in London School of Economics, during which a youth questioned the religion of people who came to kill Sikhs in ’84.

“What was the religion of the people that came to kill the Sikhs in 1984?” a young Sikh student asked while watching the documentary. Answering to it, Director of the movie Teenaa Kaur Pasricha replied, “They had no religion since no religion of the world preaches hatred towards any community”.

With a recent development, Delhi High Court on Thursday said that a letter petition has been received containing a CD which is claimed to be a confession by an accused person in the 1984 Anti-Sikh riots cases.

A special bench of Acting Chief Justice Gita Mittal and Justice Anu Malhotra informed the parties concerned that it has received a letter containing a CD and issued a notice to Congress leader Sajjan Kumar asking him to file a reply within 10 days.

The court also asked CBI to file its stand on the letter, tagged to the file of one of the convicts in the case relating to the murder of five members of a family in Raj Nagar area of Delhi Cantonment on November 1, 1984, after the assassination of then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

During the massacre riots in 1984, many of the Sikhs have had a worst time ever and had no support from anywhere to rescue except dying.

Speaking on the same issue one Navdeep Kaur Nandre, Sikh, whose family has witnessed the burning of their first child of the family, said, “My paternal aunt is proclaimed mentally-disabled after she saw her first baby boy, my cousin burning and dying when the attackers had lit him in front of the stove in Punjab.”

Getting deeper to the research, Teenaa did first-hand research on the massacre of Sikhs that took place in India between 31st Oct to 3rd Nov in 1984 after spending 5 years in following the people, she completed the film which has won awards and recognition from film festivals around the world.

While discussing to a media person, director mentioned it a mission to spread awareness, when asked the reason of her directing this movie, “Mission is to raise awareness on the violence that took place because unless we recognize the term “Genocide” and have a separate law to deal with menace of this crime against humanity, we can’t do justice to the victims.. Had there been justice in 1984, violence in 1992 and 2002 against Muslims would not have taken place. The answer to violence can only be compassion towards humanity and a stand for truth and justice.”

She started the screenings in Universities and public venues in India since June 2017 and went out to UK after a student organisation stood by her and facilitated the screening in prestigious universities of London and UK. Since she is not affiliated with any political organisations, she is doing crowdfunding.

By this initiative of the movie director, masses have joined and taken it to a large level to broaden the knowledge level and also they have been supporting towards Teena's campaign by contributing on 

Director of the movie expects more hands to spread the awareness about the riots, saying "It will be a great help if more people can take initiative to provide fund so that we can do more campaigning to spread the awareness of the '84 riots."

(Writer in an Assistant News Editor of NewsMantra)

Sushma Swaraj Pti

Sushma confirms death of 39 Indians in Mosul, families seek answers

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Minister of External Affair, Sushma Swaraj has confirmed the death of all the 39 Indians on Tuesday who went missing in war-torn Iraq in June 2014.

Out of 39 Indian nationals, 38 were reportedly missing earlier but identified through DNA tests however, 70 percent match of the last body has been established.

Twenty-seven of the victims hailed from Punjab, four from Himachal Pradesh, six from Bihar and two from West Bengal. The update was made in Parliament by Swaraj, unraveled a day of bizarre politicking in the face of the tragedy.

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