Karthyayini Amma

96-year old granny is a social media rage

New Delhi (NM Bureau): India has a new star and she is special. Karthyayini Amma is 96 years old and one of the oldest known student to appear for an examination. She is part of her district’s literacy mission in Alappuzha, a small city in the state of Kerala. She wrote her life’s first exam at the age at 96 and more important is the fact that Amma scored full marks in the reading section of the literacy test that was conducted two days ago on Sunday. 


“Amma was calm and confident while she came to sit for her exams in Kanichenellur government Lower Primary School in Cheppad of Alappuzha,” Sathi, a local teacher coordinator for the exam told the vernacular media after the exam. 

Right To Education Min

RTE still struggling to bring edu in J&K

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Post 71 years of Independence, Right to Education Act (RTE) - 2009 is still fighting to reach in the state of J&K with its free and compulsory education to the children between 6 - 14 years where literacy is a dream for the residents.

According to educational experts, 6 per cent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) should be spent for the enhancement of Educational System where as only 3.3 per cent of the budget is invested in education sector.

Speaking on the issue Dr Shashi Pal Singh, Senior Lecturer in Higher Secondary School in Kathua, Jammu said education without basic needs and administration becomes tough, “It is difficult for us to serve the youth in the best manner as we are facing number of problems regarding infrastructure, books, uniform and lack of a good administration.  Beside the shortage of funds and timely disbursement of salaries, we are giving our best to the children."

Due to less connectivity and transportation issues in rural areas it is difficult for the teachers to maintain regularity as they commute miles by foot in 95 per cent of state is hilly terrain. "There is no proper mode of transportation and even at some places there are no roads to school. In the month of July and August play ground of the school and even class rooms are filled with water for weeks. There is no maintenance of hygiene. It is hard for the teacher to teach students in such miserable conditions”, said Mrs. Usha Gupta, principal of High school Changran.

There are 81 schools in J&K which have a single teacher according to National University of Educational Planning and Administration also there is no proper access to electricity and water in government schools. 

During the period first five years, the appointee shall be entitled to the minimum of scale of pay along with the grade pay applicable to the post against which he is appointed and every appointee shall after completion of five years period on probation be entitled to fixation of pay in the time scale of pay applicable to the post against which he is appointed. The person appointed shall be entitled to annual increments, dearness, allowance, house rent allowance and city compensatory allowance is only 20% of the basic pay.

Politics undoubtedly plays a big role in the society since there is political interference in posting of the teachers. There is total mismanagement in call of posting by the interference of leaders. Dr. Bhushan sharma said, "I have been posting in Doda district for 5 years which is 214 kms from kathua my home town. I am not having political support that is why I am here from the past so many years. According to the system, the time period teacher to work at one place is 2 years but I am working here continuously for the 5 years."  

Budget recently presented by Finance minister Haseeb Drabu has bring  a sigh of relief among teaching fraternity.  The Government recently reduced the eligibility for full pension from 33 years of qualifying service to 20 years of qualifying service benefitting more than half of the number of employees on the rolls and commited to implement  7th pay commission recommendation from April 1 , 2018 . It is the need of the hour to eradicate all the hurdles which come in way of this system.


(Writer is a freelance journalist)

Dry Fruits

Fasting is beneficial if done properly, says Ayurveda

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Fasting is one of the most important part of mostly all the religions and during ‘Navratri’, it is followed religiously but it is also a matter of debate because many observe it from different aspect.

As per Ayurveda, fasting purifies body and it is immensely fruitful when done properly.

Ayurveda also claims it a tool for clinical investigations of illnesses that the body starts utilizing stored glycogens for energy, during fast this process leads to removal of toxic substances from the body by the action of the liver.

Whatever you accumulate you are able to cleanse and get ready for another day. Through this one gives a chance for the body to reboot and detoxify. As per the Ayurveda, skin problems like pimples, eczema, and psoriasis are reversed due to fasting. Hence a person can expect glowing skin after the period of fasting.

According to allopath, short term fasts are good for the health and could be undertaken by anyone even if one is not religious. It is recommended that diabetics and heart patients should do it as it lowers sugar and cholesterol but pregnant ladies, old people and small children should refrain from it. 

One of the best benefits of fasting is that it boosts immunity. Research has proven that the WBC (white blood count) increases due to fasting hence the immunity of an individual gets a boost as well some of the additional benefits of fasting

It is seen that many people prefer taking bed rest during fast, thinking bed rest would be helpful as if then people go on thinking about food even more, it would be much better if people keep themselves engaged in their normal routine. When busy they are less likely to think about food again and again.

Studies have shown that a change in the levels of glucose due to fasting proves beneficial for the effectiveness of chemotherapy performed against tumors, cancer.

If a person does not consume calorie for a defined period will stimulates a lot of changes related to the protection of body cells, which is favorable for the patients suffering from cancer or undergoing tumor curing treatment.

Fasting decreases the toxic side effects of chemotherapy on the normal cells and sensitizes the malignant cells to the chemotherapy medicine, which promote the deterioration of tumors. However, please note these options need very close medical supervision and should be discussed with a medical professional before being undertaken.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disorder affecting joints. It mostly affects older people and women.

Under medical supervision, controlled fasting has shown significant results in the studies conducted. However, it has been recommended by medical professionals to proceed with a vegetarian diet thereafter.

 Macrobiotics points out that water only fasting can be useful for cleaning the entire system and having lukewarm water certainly helps create a homeostasis in the body. Dietitians and Nutritionists feel that due to fasting blood sugar level goes down, toxins stored inside accumulated fat are cleansed body feels lighter as a result of which ‘feel good Hormones’ get released.

Dehydration is a big threat during fasting hence plenty of liquids ought to be consumed especially natural fluids .Water intake should be very high coconut water, nimbu pani, chanch these natural liquids should be resorted to more often.

Fruit juices are not advisable as these raise the sugar level, Chanch is particularly beneficial as it has probiotic properties hence it aids.

Hence, we can say that fasting is a cost-effective and simple way to get your fitness back on track. The changes that happen in the body as a result of fasting depend on the length of the fast and the condition of the body of an individual.

Before, taking fasting as an option, it is always advisable to discuss with a medical professional and follow the advice.

Lucknow Clean

UP varsity students to organise clean environment programme

Youth of several universities from Uttar Pradesh had organised a programme on 14th February in Lucknow to spread awareness on Swach Bharat Abhiyan, chanting swach hawa avum paryavaran humara valentine (clean air and environment are our valentine ).

This programme was held at Gomti River Front which is in the heart of Lucknow in order to find the solution for clean environment in the city these students performed many arts, painting, music, debate and dance.

Students also raised their voice on electric vehicles to make the surrounding pollution free, developing the green areas and proper decomposition of garbage.

Promoting the programme, Tahira Hassan, social activist from the area also said few words to bring out UP from polluted areas which is considered to be the most polluted cities.

“Our city has been going through a lot of trouble due to a heavy air pollution that results many casualties and we should not be lenient about it. For such cause, people in the area should also take part proactively along with central and state government.”

Also they have talked about how important metro facilities are for commuting to have a hassle free, pollution free and to travel in nominal fare.

(The writer is an Assistant News Editor in Newsmantra)
Ram Mandir Babri Masjid

Residents sought closure on Ram Mandir-Babri Masjid dispute

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25-years-old Ram Mandir and Babri Masjid issue became the turning point in the history of Indian politics. Despite endless fights for justice, the residents of Ayodhya want to move on from all these blame game.

Today Amarnath Mishra, the president of Ayodhya Sadbhavna Samnvyay Maha Samiti, has claimed that former All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) executive member Moulana Salman Hasni Nadvi demanded money, position and land for building another Masjid in Ayodhya. However, the residents of Ayodhya want to move on from all these blame game. 

Recounting the day when more than 150,000 Hindu activists (kar-sevaks) gathered at the behest of the RSS, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), the BJP and the Bajrang Dal at the medieval era mosque (Babri Masjid) in Ayodhya of Uttar Pradesh believed that the mosque had been made exactly the same spot where Hindu God Ram was born which resulted in the demolition of mosque and communal riots across the country.

Shakeel (74), a resident of Jiyan pur in Ayodhya says that the community just wants the dispute to be decided by the court in a free and fair manner.

"We just want the closure of this issue as it doesn't matter now whether the decision is in our favour or against us," said Shakeel.

In the wake of the demolition of the mosque, more than 2000 of Hindus and Muslims killed each other in riots that erupted in several towns and cities across the country in which maximum casualty was from the minority community.

"I still remember the day when thousands of kar sevaks with shovels, iron rods, hammers and anything they could have grabbed that time to pound the mosque. Even the speeches of Hindu leaders saying 'Gira do, dhakka do, tod do' through the microphone where the kar sevaks has earlier gathered. That day women, children and men to save lives were sitting in a room at Ayodhya police station. Even the Muslims who said that they are 'one of them' were slaughtered to death," said Jamal Akhtar, a local resident adding further that now it does not matter who wins, the life should be peaceful.

Today, Ayodhya, historically a place that drew to itself renouncers and seekers belonging to Hindu sects, Islam, Jainism and Buddhism, Now one can see all religion living together peacfully in town.

Many Muslims have returned to stay in the place of their birth, and continue to live here. "We are irked over with the reular checking and marching of security personal. It seems like we don not have our personal life anymore since the demolition. I hope this issue is resolved and life becomes normal," said Deepak who runs a Kiryana Shop in city.

The case over the 2.7 acre disputed Ayodhya site claimed by both Hindus and Muslims will be taken up by the Supreme Court on March 14. "We don’t want the court to let it become a political or a religious issue that’s why we don’t want to delay any further. It is a property dispute and nothing else," said Haji Mehboob of Sunni Waqf board.

The BJP have somehow gained from the issue of "Babri masjid or highlighting Ram Mandir" which had made the party to become single-largest opposition party in the 1989 elections. Since then, it has masterfully harnessed the religiosity of the majority Hindus to become India’s largest party with government in the Centre and in several states, including Uttar Pradesh.

Whereas political parties who used the Ayodhya card for electoral gains since 1992 have moved far and wide, the town and its residents have remained stuck in a development limbo. The small town has a biscuit factory, some brick kilns, and one-room manufacturing units, the towns have no industry to boast of.

The present BJP governments at the Centre and the state are for them a sign of God’s own intent to get the temple constructed. "The BJP party has come in power with God's will. Lord Ram also wants temple to be build here," said Raghuveer Sharma, a local resident.

(The writer is an Assistant News Editor of Newsmantra)