Kranti Prakash Jha to play the title role in Swami Ramdev: Ek Sangharsh


MS Dhoni fame Kranti Prakash Jha will be seen playing the role of swami Ram Dev most awaited tv series Swami Ramdev: Ek sangharsh which will be shown in soon to be launched channel Discovery Jeet. Kranti Prakash Jha looks like a renowned guru and manage to do most of the difficult yoga asanas himself with so much of ease and grace.

Swami Ramdev: Ek sangharsh is a scripted biopic series which is based on the journey of swami Ramdev who was once  unrecognised and now known as a yoga guru business mogul and national icon. The co-production of show is done by Ajay Devgan film production and Watergate Production.

Ajay Devgan Said Swami ramdev: Ek Sangharsh has the potential to set everyone’s eyes on the show  and conquer all tv show’s record. Ajay Devgan also mentioned we wanted fresh face who look like Swami Ramdev and can do all the asanas very confidently. It is never easy to play real-life legend but Kranti is giving full justice to the role.

Yoga guru swami Ramdev said “ kranti is very spiritual personality and he is able to recite shlokas in Sanskrit language which is very much impressive. I enjoyed morning yoga sessions with him, he is working hard to perform right yoga asanas.

“ It is really a difficult challenge to play the role of multi talented personality like swami Ramdev. I will do my best to deliver a perfect performance, added kranti Prakash Jha.”

Discovery Jeet is soon to be launched with all record breaking tv series Swami Ramdev: Ek sangharsh and more focused to bring purposefull yet entertaining content. 

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