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  • Afghan President backs new US policy on terrorism

    Ashraf Ghani

    The Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has expressed concern over terrorist threats and backed the new US Strategy. 

    He was addressing the United Nations General Assembly yesterday in New York. Ghani said US President Donald Trump’s new Afghan strategy sent a signal to Taliban guerrillas that they cannot win on the field and must negotiate peace. 

  • Fake Time Magazine Cover found on the Walls of Donald Trump

    Fake Time Magazine Cover

    NewsMantra Bureau:

    We all know how US President Donald Trump is quite the protestor against fake news; he even called it as “the enemy of the American people”. What we didn’t know was that he himself had a fake framed copy of Time magazine in at least four of his properties.

  • I'm for women.. I'm for men, says Trump


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    United States President Donald Trump in the first International TV Interview says ‘I'm for everyone’, when asked whether he considers himself a feminist.

    He says ‘No’ to the question asked by British journalist Piers Morgan, also shared his happiness over women doing great.

    "No, I wouldn't say I'm a feminist. That would be, maybe, going too far. I'm for women. I'm for men. I'm for everyone. I think people have to go out... and they have to win, and women are doing great, and I'm happy about that," CNN reported the US president as saying to Morgan .

    Morgan first crossed paths with the US President Donald Trump on the 2008 series of the Celebrity Apprentice in 2008 and has regularly.

    The remarks also come just days after, when, in a bid to mark the one-year anniversary of the Women's March in Washington for protesting Trump's presidency and stance on certain issues, saw scores of marchers amassing in cities across the country.

    "You're always going to have marches. The march, I guess, was a lot smaller than it was last year." Trump said in response to a question about the movement by women.


    According to the Guardian, the interview was heavily trailed by both ITV and Morgan on social media. It gave some significant headlines, including the US president saying he was all set to sorry for retweeting inflammatory videos posted by the deputy leader of the far-right group Britain First.

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  • Nikki calls rumors ‘highly offensive’ on affair with Trump

    Nikki Calls Rumors

    United States ambassador Nikki Haley said to the United Nations that the rumors of her affair with President Donald Trump are "disgusting" and "highly offensive".

    While calling her affair a vague argument, Haley also called these rumors to be a challenge faced by all the strong and successful women to diminish the women who manage to work their way up to positions of power, said The Guardian

  • Stress on the border from India, China fears loss in trade

    Sikkims Border

    India and China are face-to-face with Sikkim's border the impact of this growing tension between the two countries is likely to be impacted on economic relations. Looking at India's big market, China is now worrying about business. It was reflected in the news of Global Times.

    Chinese companies working in India have been warned that there is a possibility of boycott of sugar items in view of the growing tension on the border. Chinese media has said in an article that people of India are very sensitive to the sovereignty of their country, which would directly affect the business of Chinese companies.

  • The US Travel Ban on six Muslim countries takes effect

    Travel Ban

    NewsMantra Bureau

    Late Thursday, Trump’s travel ban on six Muslim countries finally took effect as the Supreme Court allowed it after a five month battle with human rights groups.  While Trump reasons the ban by saying that it would “block” terrorists from entering the country, immigrants have said that the ban blatantly singles out Muslims.

  • Trump calls Fattah al-Sisi, says keen to overcome obstacles and develop relationship between countries

    Donald Trump

    US President Donald Trump called Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi late last night and said he was keen on developing the relationship between their countries, and overcoming any obstacles that might affect it.

    President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi's office said, the telephone call came two days after two U.S. sources familiar with the matter told Reuters that Washington had decided to deny Egypt 95.7 million dollars in aid and to delay a further 195 million dollars because it had failed to make progress on respecting human rights and democracy. 

  • US govt to shut 2nd time in a month

    Trump Us

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    After the Senate adjourned with no vote on a measure to extend federal funding beyond the 12:00 am deadline, results US government today to shut at midnight.

    The upper chamber of Congress struggled to overcome roadblocks to passing a government funding bill and budget plan when a conservative senator objected to a swift vote, and leadership opted to close up shop and then reopen at 12:01 am(0501 GMT).

    The closure could ultimately be short-lived, as the Senate was expected to schedule a vote on the measure at 1:00 am and, if it passes, send it to the House of Representatives and then on to President Donald Trump's desk for his signature as early astomorrow.

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  • US President Trump names James Bridenstine to head NASA

    James Bridenstine

    US President Donald Trump has announced that he plans to appoint James Bridenstine, a former navy pilot and Republican congressman, to head the US space agency NASA. Bridenstine, who backed Trump during the US presidential campaign, had long been considered the favorite for the job of NASA administrator. The space agency is involved in all aspects of space exploration, as well as in Earth observation missions from space and in the development of new aerospace concepts. Since the end of NASA's space shuttle program in 2011, the United States has had to rely on Russia to ferry their astronauts to the International Space Station. NASA is currently developing a heavy launcher and capsule capable of taking astronauts to Mars in 2030 and beyond.