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  • Elderly denied pension for not having aadhaar card


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    Many inmates in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh at an old age homes are denied for the benefits of pension due to not having Aadhaar cards.

    While talking to a media person, an old age victim, sufferer said the machine cannot trace their thumb impression because of wrinkles on their fingers.

    “I will be grateful if I can be helped somehow because I am being deprived of facilities due to fewer documents also the machines can’t trace my fingerprints due to wrinkles. Despite no options left at this age, I am not able to receive pension benefits," Veervati, victim, said.

    Senior citizens aged between 60 to 79 years who are below poverty line are entitled to a monthly pension of Rs 400, while those above 80 years get Rs 500 per month.

    However, Bareilly's social-welfare officer, Ashok Dixit said there are many people who do not have any identity proof.

    "If a person applies online for pension he will be asked for Aadhaar no. Free food and shelter is provided to such people. Aadhaar can be made only if we have their details," he added.

    A recently filed affidavit by the Uttar Pradesh government in the Supreme Court stated that the state is fully committed to implementing provisions of the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act 2007 and is providing old age pension and implementing various welfare programmes for elderly citizens.

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  • Skype linked with Aadhar, to stoop cyber crime

    Aadhar Linked To Skype

    The Microsoft Company launched a new version of its Skype app. It was designed for cheap android phones. The company announced that the base integration will also be brought to the end of the year 2017 in this app. According to the news, the base integration has now started on Skype Light App.

    This allows the Skype users to identify unknown callers. It is being told that after the arrival of this app cyber crime will be largely controlled. You need to go to the video call to verify your base through the app. If you make a video call to Skype Lite, then on the right side you will see three dot on the screen. Tapping on these dots will require verification process.

  • SUPREME COURT- Adhaar still not mandatory for I-T returns

    SC Aadhaar

    New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Friday said that it cannot be made mandatory to have adhaar card for filing income tax returns. Though it will uphold the scheme of the government to link PAN card with the Aadhaar card.