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    Best Paper Award Winner   Smriti Gyanjyoti Bhartendra

    Amity University Haryana concluded GLOBAL HR CONGRESS 2018 at its campus today on 7th April, 2018. The two day multi disciplinary international conference included brainstorming on disciplines like Management, Law, Health and Psychology etc. Around 1500 participated in the Conference in which scholars, professors and eminent personalities from more than 8 countries like Dubai, Honkong, Turkey, USA, Nigeria etc. discussed the future trends and challenges in the field of human resource.

    At present, frequently changing, business landscape is driving the modern human resource management towards number 9of challenges and more such challenges are expected to evolve in future too. Compliance with Laws, Change Management, Leadership Development, Technological advancement, Compensation Management, Recruitment and selection of Talented Employees, Talented Employees Retention, Diversity Management and Globalization are really some of the very difficult challenges to manage. To address these challenges, HR professionals need to work more strategically by adding values to the HR functions for highest organizational productivity and efficiency.

    By engaging in online courses, video-based e-learning programmes, in-house training and other learning activities organized by academic and industrial units can support the modern organizations for effective handling of difficult HR issues. Present Global HR Congress is also a step in the same direction. This congress will invite the practicing professionals from the disciplines of Management, Psychology, psychiatry, Hospitality, sociology, Anthropology, Economics, Statistics, Communication, Public Administration and other allied study area of management to brain storm on the major HR theme “A MultidisciplinaryApproach towards Organizational Excellence.”

    On the first day, Inaugural ceremony included the conference book release with over 700 papers sent by researchers from all over the world. The event also included a curtain raiser of ‘Power of Positivity: Optimism and Seventh Sense’ a book by Prof (Dr.) Padmakali Banerjee, Pro Vice Chancellor, Amity University Haryana published by SAGE. The book is a thought leadership which believes that the world can be transformed into a happier place by nurturing an attitude of optimism.

    Smriti Arora, Gyanjyoti, Bhartendra Sharma won the best paper award won the best paper award at Global HR Congress 2018.

    In her address to the eminent guests at valedictory function, Prof. Padmakali Banerjee, Pro Vice Chancellor, Amity University Haryana said, “With the globalised world environment, we have witnessed the way legal practices have evolved to create a seamless system for business operations, whether it is foreign Direct Investments merger and acquisitions.”

    The medical and Health practices have undergone transformational evolution and progress, and the future would see more of technology in creating health and well being; both mental and physical she added.

    While addressing the august gathering Mr Deepak Narayan Basu, Director & Branch Head of Delhi Zone said, “Now a day students are diverting there mind on studying online rather than spending time in library and reading books. Students should know the importance of education so that the nation will reach great heights”.

  • Indian student becomes UK Ambassador for a day

    Esha Bahal

    New Delhi (NM Bureau): Monday was a special day for Esha. She was the UK Ambassador to India for a day. 

    Indian student Esha Bahal from Amity University, few miles away from India’s Capital, was nominated after a contest to take charge of Britain’s overseas diplomatic network in India for a day. She took charge of the British High Commission for 24 hours as the winner of a unique contest.

    To mark the International Day of the Girl Child on October 11, the British High Commission had organised the contest for Indian girls aged between 18 and 23 to become the British High Commissioner to India for 24 hours and Esha was chosen as the winner. 

    The competitors in the contest were asked submitted a short video presentation on the theme “What does gender equality mean to you?”.  British High Commission informed that as many as 58 people from all over India contributed their video and the entries were subjected to scrutiny by experts to select a winner.

    The successful entry chosen by the jury was from Esha Bahal, a student of Political Science at Amity University (Noida, near Delhi). After her success, Esha told media that she plans to become a social entrepreneur with higher studies in public policy and law after her graduation. Bahal took over as acting British High Commissioner for the day on Monday, October  8.

    “Acting as British High Commissioner for a day has been a great and unique experience. I’ve learnt about the breadth and depth of UK-India relations and had the opportunity to highlight the importance of gender equality and inclusivity issues, which are of great importance to me,” Bahal told media after her experience as High Commissioner. 

    News agency ANI reported that Bahal assumed the charge in New Delhi and led a meeting with heads of departments across the High Commission during the course of working during the day