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  • NGO initiates to spread human-trafficking awareness


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    National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) had covered many trafficking cases due to lack of education and awareness in the parents. However NGOs pledged to spread awareness about human-trafficking.

    NCRB had reportedly covered 1,494 cases from Assam in 2015 whereas in 2016 was as low as 91. However, the activist groups engaged in anti-trafficking measures share an entirely different ground reality.

    Children go missing when a trafficker pretends to offer their parents to give their child free education or lucrative jobs. Awareness among them about filing a missing complaint to police in Gaon Bura (Village head) or NGOs is next to zero.

    According to Rajeev Sharma, Director of Guwahati-based NGO GOLD (Global Organisation for Life Development), approximately, 10,000 women and children are trafficked each year from Assam. Even if the cases are reported, the key departments lack awareness about child protection issues and services.

    Furthermore, there is lack of infrastructural and educational facilities in this area. Therefore, it becomes vital that these issues are confronted and resolved.

    We may be able to buy a new mobile phone but imagine the plight of parents who lose their children and don't even know who to approach or how to go about tracing their child with the correct sources.

    Empower People is an organisation which is organasing a march, which tries to save these children through different initiatives on the fronts of prevention, rescue and rehabilitation of victims of trafficking, especially bride trafficking.

    The March will ensure a strengthening of the anti-trafficking network and a spread of critical awareness amongst communities vulnerable to bride trafficking.

    Empower People considers it a humanistic obligation to ensure that the cycle of exploitation is uprooted from the society and it is time to that people stood united in the cause and showed their support for the march against bride trafficking.


  • Wake up West Bengal, your girls are waiting!

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    "Kolkata the land of Rabindranath Tagore! In his famous song, Rabindranath Tagore tells us to never give up on hope. He tells us to walk alone believing in ourselves despite no one responding to our call for help. This song makes me wonder about the power that is needed to walk alone. It also makes me wonder about the calls for help that are ignored by us everyday," said Amruta Khare, a dedicated volunteer at Empower People.

    Kolkata has turned out to be the second safest city as far as the number of crimes per lakh population is concerned. However, West Bengal as a whole has performed poorly in 2016 as per the latest data released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). As per the report, of the total cases of human trafficking, 44% (3,579) were reported in West Bengal alone. Currently, the state ranks second with regard to crimes against women.

    We at Empower People believe that whenever help is asked for, it should be given. Furthermore, we believe in developing our society into one where no one needs to ask for help, one where criminal activities are curtailed simply with the watchful eyes and ears od the communities.

    In order to achieve this, Empower People is organising a March Against Bride Trafficking, an initiative being popularised on social media with the hashtag #MABT2018. It will cover 13 Districts of West Bengal among 45 Districts in total across 10 states. It will mobilise people into taking initiative to track micro level government mechanisms with a special emphasis on behavioral change among the citizens.

    Let us all walk together towards direly needed change, a change in our mindsets, a change in our attitude as a community of People sharing space on this Planet we call Earth.