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  • Woman drove over footpath, 2 injured

    Car Banged

    Photo Courtesy: Samay Kausshik

    A woman allegedly drove over a footpath in front of JMD Regent Plaza building, Gurugram after which she had hit two man severely sitting on footpath also victims were rushed to the nearest hospital immediately due to multiple injuries, said media source.

    A source revealed that the woman was not habitual of automatic transmission system of her new Maruti swift that she has brought today from Maruti showroom which is why she had lost control while protecting the bang against a car and drove over the footpath, resulted two man sitting on it were deeply injured.

    Incident came into light when two man were sitting on the footpath for breezy wind under the shade of a tree, during that a woman had hit them while taking hard breaks when the tyre banged and burst after hitting the edge of the footpath.

    (The writer is an Assistant News Editor of NewsMantra)