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  • Deceived investors sought EOW action for SC proclaimed offender Sunil Gandhi


    Photo Courtesy: Internet 

    Investors who gave their hard earned money to buy house in AN Buidwell project seeks EOW action on top court proclaimed offender Sunil Gandhi, after he was noticed in few of the videos in the hub of the Capital.

    Sufferers are also saying that may be the EOW, which is investigating in the matter, is choosing to overlook this key aspect in an attempt to protect promoters.

    Sunil Gandhi and SK Hooda are the two promoters who have been deceiving many by not providing houses after taking the money for their building project.

    In this URL http://www.foseca.org/absconding-sunil-gandhi-found-in-the-heart-of-delhi-mastermind-behind-an-buildwell-scam/ he was noticed living freely in the center of the city even after the court had passed the orders.

    Their few clients have been still crying blood tears in the hope of getting their first house of life. Renuka Kulkarni “Why there is no action despite Sunil has been given proclaimed offender orders, is the EOW supporting them,” one of the investors.

    These two promoters were running a construction business company, AN Buildwell, and have been the defaulters from the past many years for taking money and not providing the house for which the people have invested their hard earned money in Delhi-NCR area.

    A case was registered on that basis the two were given arrest warrants. SK Hooda was arrested just after the warrants but Sunil Gandhi managed to escape and has been absconding since then. However, when he was not taken to the custody Supreme Court passed the proclaimed offender orders for Sunil Gandhi.

    Their one of the buyers, Vikas Sethi also updated us that “all our members are asking us, why is the EOW protecting promoters? How does the budget protect the rights of existing buyers? Should we not be given a respite on our payments and emi’s for those who are badly stuck.”