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  • Pradyuman murder case: 5,000 page chargesheet filed against class XI student

    Gurgoan Murder

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    A chargesheet of 5000 pages has been filed by Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in the murder case of an 8-year-old Pradyuman, from same Ryan international school. The murder case will be heard by A Gurugram Sessions court.

    CBI charged the juvenile offender in connection with the murder of Pradyuman Thakur, a class II student. Agency told that a separate investigation of the murder case is still underway.

    The sessions court had earlier too taken a tough stance against the accused teenager. On 8 January, the court had rejected the bail plea of the 16-year-old student, declined the bail plea of the accused and imposed a cost of Rs 21,000 for "wasting court's time" in baseless litigation and directed the father of the accused to deposit the amount.

    The court said the accused's ulterior motive in filing the present application was aimed to divert the track of the ongoing investigation or delay the probe and then "grab" the default bail.

    The 16-year-old is being tried as an adult in the case after the Juvenile Justice Board held on 20 December that the teenager was mature enough to recognise the consequences of his actions.

    If convicted, the accused will stay in a correctional home till he is 21 years old after which the court can shift him to a jail or grant him bail, it had said.

    The court had set up a committee which included a psychologist from the PGI, Rohtak, for an expert opinion on the accused who was taken into custody by the CBI in November 2017.

    Pradyuman was found dead with his throat slit in the school's washroom on 8 September. Initially, bus conductor Ashok Kumar was arrested by the Haryana Police in connection with the crime.

    Later, a Class XI student, who allegedly wanted a parent-teacher meeting and an examination at the school postponed was apprehended by the CBI in connection with the killing of the seven-year-old boy.

    Kumar was granted bail by a Gurugram civil court in November.

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  • Ryan International School bus conductor confesses to killing child, the principal has been suspended

    Praduman Murder Case

    The body of the second-class student Praduman was found in the restroom of Ryan International School of Gururgram, Haryana. In this case, the Haryana Police has arrested the bus conductor Ashok. Witnesses said that the seven-year-old boy was strangulated to the throats and then the body was thrown into the toilet.

    The body of Praduman was first seen by the school's Mali. The family members have alleged that the death of Praduman was at 7 in the morning, while the school administration informed him about it at 9 o'clock.

    DCP of Gurugram said that the principal has been suspended. Varun's lawyer, the father of Praduman said, action against school management is ensured, the principal has been suspended.

  • Ryan International School Live: CCTV footage brings a new twist in the Pradyuman case

    Praduman Murder Case

    In Pradyuman Murder case, the doubt over his killing remains intact even after six days. According to police and school theory, bus conductor Ashok is accused, but the family is not ready to accept this. On the other hand Pradyuman’s post-mortem report revealed that he was not sexually abused.

    In a new video released, school's junior section in-charge Anju Dudeja is seen giving explanation that she and acting principal Neerja Batra asked the conductor to take the injured Pradyuman to the hospital whereas bus driver Sourav said that he saw only the accused conductor Ashok carrying Pradyuman and has blood stains over his shirt. He also claimed that the staff, including teachers, refused to touch the child's body, and therefore the conductor himself took Pradyuman to the hospital. Now, this increases the controversy over the child’s killing- who is trying to cover whom and what exactly happened to Praduyman.

  • SC agrees to hear plea of CBI or SIT probe into murder of 7-year-old boy at Gurugram School

    Pradyumn Thakur

    Supreme Court today agreed to hear the plea of a father whose seven-year-old son was found murdered in Gurugram's Ryan International School last week. Varun Thakur is seeking investigation by the CBI or SIT into the case. 

    The matter was mentioned before a bench headed by Chief Justice Dipak Misra which said the plea would be heard today subject to clearance by the apex court registry.

  • Some dark memories in childhood can ruin your kids life forever: Shaping Nations Future: Not an easy task!!

    Child Safety

    Going through the newspaper now-a-days, we come across the news of the loss of a guiltless life inside the premises of a school, the Ryan International School. This isn’t the first time we have come across such news that a kid has lost his life inside the school premises. After hearing such incidents it is normal to feel hurt and furious about the foul play of everything but that’s not enough. In the era where safety security is one the major concerns, only feeling bad about such incidents can never help. The core question that arrives after such painful happenings is- who is the one responsible? Parents, school authority, or at bigger level, Government or society in total? Where do we lack?