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  • Bihar Governor Ram Nath Kovind to be NDA's presidential candidate: Amit Shah

    Ram Nath

     New Delhi: Bihar Governor Ram Nath Kovind will be NDA nominee for Presidential election, addressing a press conference in New Delhi, BJP chief Amit Shah announced his name. 

  • Cong: Asking jobless youth to sell pakodas is a shame on BJP


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    The Congress on Tuesday slammed Bhartiya Janata Parti national chief Amit Shah over his statement in his speech at Rajya Sabha on Pakoda sellers.

    “It is so disgraceful to learn that the unemployed youth of our country, who are extremely talented and decently educated are being asked to sell pakodas by our ruling party,” Congress MP Ranjeet Ranjan said.

    “No one has gone to such depth in making this despicable and disgraceful remark,” he further added.

    Ranjan also hit out at Shah's statement that the GST was brought after all parties' consensus.

    "The fact that he has to give a justification is proof enough that he realizes he made a mistake. GST was Congress' proposal but we wanted to implement 14.5 percent and BJP took it to 28 percent. With the labour cost added, it increases to as high as 46 percent," he said.

    Congress leader Nasir Hussain also criticised Shah for including "vendors as jobs creation by their government."

    "Post GST and demonetisation, the employment has come down, so now they feel that even selling pakodas, rolling bidis, rolling incense sticks," Hussain added.

    Terming the GST a scheme to loot people, Hussain further said, "People of this country have realized what demonetisation and GST have done to them. This is why they (BJP) had come very close to getting defeated in Gujarat and they lost all the by-elections from Rajasthan to West Bengal."

    In his maiden speech at the Upper House on Monday, Shah hit back at former finance minister and Congress leader P. Chidambaram for comparing pakora seller to a beggar, and said it was better to sell 'pakodas' than stay unemployed.

    In defence of the GST launched by the NDA government, Shah stated that the taxation system was implemented after everyone's consensus.

    (With agency inputs)

  • Don’t teach us ‘democracy’: PM slammed Cong

    Pm In Lok Sabha

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    The Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday slammed the oppositions in Lok Sabha by accusing them for dividing the country.

    The PM was reply to the debate on the motion of thanks to the President’s address in the Lok Sabha.

    Amid chants from the opposition, ‘stop giving false hopes, stop giving false speech’, PM also said, addressing Congress and the glorification of the Gandhi parivar “Despite you have divided Bharat Mata, we stood by you. You have ruled when you had almost no one as opposition to fight with.

    Adding further to it, he also said that “You spent your entire time to glorify one family. You spent your entire energy to make the country remember just Gandhi family. If your intentions were pure and right, this country would have been much ahead of where it is now." 

    “Democracy was never Congress or Nehru's charity. Rather it's in our blood, our culture," PM stated.

    He also said “Look who is talking about democracy? Your PM Rajiv Gandhi had humiliated a Dali CM of your own party. Please don't teach us lessons on democracy."

    In a direct attack to Congress party, PM also raised his voice and said that had Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel been our first Prime Minister, ‘entire Kashmir would have been ours.’

    The BJP has issued a whip asking its members to be present in the House today and tomorrow, as the government may introduce some important bill on Thursday in the Lok Sabha where the ruling NDA has a big majority. 

    The debate on the motion of thanks to President Ram Nath Kovind's address to the joint sitting of the two Houses of Parliament on the opening day of the Budget Session began Tuesday. It was initiated by the BJP's chief whip Rakesh Singh.

    (With agency inputs)

  • K’taka to announce govt employees pay hike

    Ktaka To Announce

    Following the election year, Karnataka Chief Minister, Siddaramaiah is likely to announce 25 to 30 per cent pay hike for its government employees and pensioners in the state budget next month.

  • NDA Presidential candidate Ram Nath Kovind gets support of AIADMK & JD(U)


    New Delhi: NDA proposed Presidential candidate Ram Nath Kovind got a boost with the AIADMK (Amma) faction, led by Chief Minister K Palaniswami announced its support to him. 

  • Rahul’s row over seat: He is not a VVIP, says BJP

    Rahuls Row

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    BJP national spokesperson G V L Narasimha Rao hit back at Congress over their objection on its President Rahul Gandhi’s allotted 6th row seat at the R-day parade, saying that he is not a super VVIP who should be put ahead everyone else.

  • State BJP prepared for mid term elections: Devender Fadnavis


    NewsMantra Bureau

    Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has said that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is prepared for mid-term polls.

    Responding to the reports of speculations that mid-term polls could take place in state following farmers' stir for loan waiver, the chief minister said if someone wants to impel the BJP to go for mid-term polls, he is confident that the BJP will be able to form the government again. 

    Shiv Sena president Uddhav Thackeray had recently said that if the government does not implement the provisions of loan waiver by next month, the party could withdraw support to the state government.

    Buoyed by the BJP's success in the recently held Maharashtra local governing bodies' polls, Fadnavis said that the success was unprecedented and no other party achieved such success. 

    Even the Congress-NCP couldn't attend the success even during their hay days. 

    So, people believe in the government. 

    The Fadnavis government had announced the long-standing demand of the farm loan waiver just last Sunday.