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  • After Sisodia its Jain under CBI’s lens

    Poonam Jain

    New Delhi: 3 days after a team from Central Bureau of Investigation questioned deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia's at his residence in relation with a programme related to, 'Talk 2 AK', Satyendar Jain’s turn on Monday. The CBI on Monday questioned PWD minister’s wife, Poonam Jain, in connection with a case of alleged money laundering against him.

  • King of good times or King of Loan defaulting

    Shivangad Singh Gill


    The only man,who has run faster than Usain Bolt, is Vijay Mallya, of course in metaphorical terms. The tycoon has been on a self imposed exile since Indian banks found him guilty of loan defaulting, and has sought shelter in UK.

    In a 1998 interview with Nikki Bedi he was asked if he is India’s Trump to which he had replied he did not know trump personally but read about him, he lives his life like I do, but I am not near bankruptcy like him. One can only wonder how times change.

    On Tuesday outside a UK court, when Mallya was asked about him defaulting loans by a journalist of ANI, Mallya said “keep dreaming about billions of pounds”. Soon after this V K Singh, Minister of state for external affairs said that all necessary steps are being taken for extradition of Mallya back to India, and that no time frame could be predicted in which he would be brought back to India.


  • Mallya, Lalit Modi fraud case: CBI denied sharing expense details

    Vijay Mallya

    Photo Courtesy: Internet

    While claiming immunity from disclosures under the RTI Act, CBI has refused to share details of expenses incurred to bring back to India fugitive businessmen Lalit Modi and Vijay Mallya.

    Pune-based activist Vihar Dhurve had approached the agency asked for the details of expenses incurred by the government to bring back Mallya, wanted in India on charges of Rs 9,000-crore fraud and Modi, who is facing a money laundering probe.

    Both Modi and Mallya have denied allegations of their wrongdoings.

    Mallya had fled the country in March, 2016 after the CBI diluted its lookout circular against him.

    After which the agency has sent its team manya times to London for the embattled liquor tycoon.

    The RTI application was forwarded to the CBI by the Finance Ministry. The agency transferred it to the Special Investigation Team (SIT) looking after these cases.

    In its response to the RTI plea, the CBI said it is exempt from making any disclosures under the RTI Act through a government notification of 2011.

    According to Section 24 of the RTI Act, a few organisations are exempt under the transparency law.

    However, the Delhi High Court had earlier underlined that organisations listed under Section 24 cannot claim exemption from disclosure if the information pertains to "allegations of corruption."

    (With agency inputs)