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  • CCTV, panic buttons in DTC buses soon

    Delhi Buses

    NEW DELHI: All DTC buses will soon have CCTV cameras and panic buttons installed in them. Delhi Government is doing this for making public transport safer.

  • Delhi awaits 2000 new buses

    Delhi Buses

    New Delhi: Your wait at the bus stands may lessen this summer, the aging DTC bus fleets are supposed to get new recruits, as Delhi government has started the process for procuring two thousand new buses, soon to join the fleet.

    The current number of buses in DTC is a little over 4000, out of which 400 buses remain unavailable every day because of regular breakdowns. Buses help the travel of about 35 lakh passenger’s everyday, which is way more than the current buses can cater to. The number of buses ideally needed is calculated to be around 10,000 to 11,000.

  • DU student filed complaint against man for obscene act

    Person Held For Mastarbation

    Photo Courtesy: Internet

    A case has been lodged by a Delhi university student against a man who was allegedly molesting her on board a bus by masturbating, says media reports.

    One student has also recorded the complete incident wherein the man was masturbating and was repeatedly trying to touch her waist when he was sitting beside her, media source reported. As per the reports, victim said the incident occurred on 7 February on the route between Vasant Vihar and IIT Gate.

    Police said the incident occurred when the victim was returning home on a DTC bus. An elderly man sat next to her and leaned against her, the woman moved in her seat to avoid contact with him but he leaned against her again. "I immediately raised an alarm and told my co-passengers. I told them that the man was masturbating but no one understood what I was talking about. The accused then started asking me to calm down and he later got down,” the victim alleged, according to the report.

    “I confronted him and told him he had no shame. He appeared drunk and didn’t seem to understand what I was saying,” she said. She further said that the ordeal went on for about 10 minutes but the 30-odd other passengers in the bus allegedly ignored the incident, Hindustan Times reported.   “One woman who too appeared to be a student just responded by saying ‘achcha’ when I mentioned the incident. The man, meanwhile, got off the bus near IIT Delhi gate without any problems. I was shocked beyond belief and did not know how to react with people showing apathy. I was numb,” she said, according to the report.

    The video that the student uploaded on social media, showed a middle-aged man exposing and fondling himself as he used a bag on his lap to hide his actions from other passengers, NDTV reported. The victim shouted at the man but he remained unfazed, perhaps emboldened by the lack of response from other passengers, according to the report.

    The Free Press Journal reported that an FIR was lodged with Vasant Vihar Police under sections 354 (sexual harassment), 354A, and 294 (obscene act in public place) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and that an investigation is underway.

    (With agency inputs)