Police officer lynching incident: “Don’t test the patience of police, else old times may return”, warns Mufti


New Delhi:In regards with the incident of a mob lynching a police officer to death in Srinagar today, Mehbooba Mufti came down heavily on Kashmiris and warned them to not take the police force for granted. Even as the police arrested two people in connection with the lynching, J&K chief minister Mehbooba Mufti had strong words for Kashmiris: "This is not how you respond to restraint on the part of the police."

"If this is the result of their restraint it's going to be very difficult. For how long can this go on? I want to tell people, if this goes on, things may well go back to how they were, when people would run just upon seeing a (police) jeep on the road," she said. 

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