IndiGo Engine Fails While Taxiing At Patna Airport

IndiGo engine fails while taxiing at Patna airport

Flight operations from Patna airplane terminal were influenced after an IndiGo aircraft carrying 174 passengers endured “engine failure” at the time of taxiing for takeoff.

The aircraft was still on the runway, and the authorities were taking a shot at moving the plane at the time of writing. Following the incident, which occurred around 18:00 hours, operations have been affected, a senior air terminal authority said.

Sikh Couple In UK

Racial discrimination in UK-couple with Indian heritage asked to adopt a child India instead of UK

Sikh couple in UK was directly denied by the adoption agency; adopt Berkshire run by the royal borough of Windsor and maidenhead to adopt a white child because of the different cultural heritage.

British couple of Indian background, Sandeep and Reena Mander wanted to adopt a child belonging to any ethnic background but was told by the adoption council that only white children were there and for this the British and the European applicants will be given more preferences and they should rather adopt a child from India.