Pakistan court enables Indian lady to return home

Pakistan High Court

Islamabad High Court on Wednesday allowed authorization to Indian lady Uzma, who blamed a Pakistani man of marrying her forcibly, to come back to her country, Pakistan-based Geo TV reported.

Uzma’s actual immigration form, which her husband Tahir had submitted to the court was returned back to her by Islamabad High Court bench, led by Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayan.

The court likewise requested that police give security to the Indian lady till the Wagah Border Crossing.

Tahir wanted to meet Uzma in person but Justice Kayani said that they can meet in his chamber. However, Uzma declined to meet him.

On May 19, Uzma had submitted a six-page answer to the high court and repeated her claims and said that she was compelled to sign the Nikkahnama with Tahir.

The answer additionally asserted that Tahir's affidavit was based on lies, and requested that Uzma be permitted to go to India as her visa will expire on May 30.

20-year-old Uzma, prior, had approached the Indian High Commission in Pakistan with a request to repatriate her and had likewise claimed that she was compelled to marry a Pakistani native at gunpoint.

Following which she filed a plea with an Islamabad court against her better half Tahir Ali claiming that she was being harassed and scared by him.

The case went to the cutting edge after her husband claimed that Indian High Commission has prevented her wife from leaving the premises during their visit to apply for visa on May 7.

Tahir and Uzma fell in love with each other in Malaysia. Uzma went out to Pakistan on May 1 through Wagah border, and got married on May 3, as per Tahir.

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