Now buy cow dung cosmetics online in India

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New Delhi (NM Bureau): A small centre in the holy city of Mathura in India is house to a incubation centre which is now selling soaps and other cosmetic items online. The speciality of these products is that they are made of cow dung. 

The centre called Dheen Dayal Dham, run by an affiliated organisation of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) of which the ruling party of India BJP is also an off shoot, is selling around 30 personal care products online. The most prominently selling items of the centre are the cow-dung soap and other cosmetic products mixed with cow urine. The centre describes the product as therapeutic in nature. The Deen Dayal Dham is located in the centre of Mathura town which is historic for the birth of Lord Krishna, the Hindu God known in the epic Mahabharata who grew up with cow-rearing. 

“We are working towards creating employment opportunities for the farmers. Online sale of the products have picked up well. With this initiative we are also looking forward to further protection of the cow population because to take care of the animals (cows) will be beneficial in economic terms as well,” Durgesh Kumar, a RSS member from Delhi who was actively involved in the setting up of the Deen Dayal Dham told NewsMantra.

Apart from cosmetic products, the centre is also selling apparels which are hand,ade in nature.

“We are selling apparels styled as the kurtas of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister (of Uttar Pradesh) Yogi Adityanath. The kurtas are in huge demand in India as well as abroad. The online sale has given access to buyers,” Kumar said. I am told that the sale is a bit slow now but I am sure it will pick with due time, he added.

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