Ranthambhore records 67 tigers in reserve

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Ranthombhore is ready to become the nursery for the tigers in Rajasthan. The RTR on today’s date holds the highest numbers of tigers in the history of the park. According to the reports the total number of tiger in the park is 67. Among them 21 are males and 20 are females with a total of 26 cubs, and it is getting beyond the carrying capacity of the park, with the tigers straying out in the nearby.

Today three tigers from RTR are naturally roaming outside in Karauli forests. Among them one is male and one is female. Add to that one tiger (T-91) is known to be in Ramgarh Vishdhari Wildlife Sanctuary, Bundi and T-47 that had strayed to the Bhid in the Banas river area is said to have come back to RTR. Besides that the number of tigers that have strayed into Madhya Pradesh is not known exactly. Now among the tigers to be translocated are, three tigers for Mukundara and the NTCA permission to translocate one more tiger to Sariksha Tiger Reserve(STR) is long pending. STR is the first protected sanctuary to lose all its tiger to poaching, RTR tigers re-populated the reserve. In 2008 tiger reintroduction plan began, eight tigers from Ranthambhore were brought to STR from 2008-13.

Ranthambhore and other reserves is assumed to be similar as both habitats are part of semi-arid tracts in Aravalli hills, therefore to maintain tha uniqueness of genetic stock of tigers in semi- arid tract the best choice will be Ranthambhore tigers.

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